10 Reasons Most Won't Survive Whats Coming

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Are you ready to deal with these challenges after disaster strikes? Most people are not.

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  1. can you walk longer distances…. can you improvise with basic toola.
    many people forget that longterm survival depends on the ability to solve day to day problems, because that improves mood quite a lot compared to the constant fear that complicated high tech survival solutions break down versus to the ability to make do comfortable even with sticks and stones.

  2. No room for dumb people when the SHFT happens. They will be the first to go and bring you down with them if you allow it.

  3. Dude…I love to eat so much and I love good food so much, if SHTF I will be able to feed a few armies until I die. Otherwise life ain’t worth living. Food is a luxury us regular folks can enjoy without being a millionaire. But seriously, being able to feed large numbers of the community a great meal makes me less “expendable”

  4. CP…my dad was blinded in one eye in WWII …I still remember how he could judge distances of objects by a slight rotation of his head from side to side. He was an adept marksman at open field targets (bullet drop)and could back a car between two others until he was 80. Your sight like mine is compromised, but it is likely not above self adjusting(for lack of a better term) internally to the point of survival. But it is also the reason we have community as some less physically capable can function as your eyes. Peace

  5. I consider myself a survivor , know you’re handicap , know your surroundings , Conditining yourself , train yourself you will be surprised what you can do too survive . I can’t stress it enough , you worry about food learn how to hunt , you’re worried about water learn how to obtain water , you’re worried about your eyesight get yourself plenty of eyeglasses as back ups , there is absolutely nothing a person can do to overcome whatever comes their way .

  6. You covered a lot of bullet points this person that speaks to you can survive in all situations operative word to survive.
    I went days without water weeks without food months Without Shelter these skills and tools that were built that I have built so that I'll be able to survive anything coming.
    I suggest the chat know that everything else is Trivial when it comes down to survival food shelter water will be that's all that counts is survival

  7. Can you be around or live with people that stink with body order because baths are not available. Can you eat rat meat, boiled snails, when your under pants stick to the wall can you ware them another day. Well think about it.

  8. I had weight loss surgery to help with weight loss to support my thyroid problems. When they cut out part of your stomach they also cut off the part that tells your brain you’re hungry. I thought it was interesting so I tested out only drinking one premier shake a day before I started to feel the effects. I can go two weeks without feeling effect of that and four days with no food at all before I even noticed I was hungry. (I was taking vitamins to help supplement the lack of actual eating) I think if I was in a pinch of not having food I’d be okay.

  9. For me I personally would revert back too my eating disorder days when I went days with out food likely. I think the hardest part for me likely would be the mental part of it. For example the hardest part about this pandemic has been the mental part

  10. you’ve obviously given all of this a tremendous amount of thought thanks for the questions I have a lot of soul-searching to do

  11. Not good in social situations with large groups or ppl. Especially the ones that will get you killed. Control your body and mind. Had to battle every single day of my life.

  12. IDK…but being a severely neglected and abused child checks some of those boxes. Also to escape the abuse, my sister and I always found ways to stay away…so we did incredibly stupid things…like the WALK-A-THON. In my day it WAS 20 MILES…we did not bring water (nobody taught us that was necessary)… we didn't eat breakfast before we left and only had a couple coins to buy candy. We were adventurous…walked through the desert with no water or compass…only to end up at the sea…SALT WATER . As for not eating…I've gone months on well coffee with powdered creamer. Yup dropped lots of lbs…but learned how to not respond to hunger. I've been stuck in the freezing cold, thought I couldn't bare anymore. BUT WE GOT STRONG..started learning gymnastics. Did practice anytime the gym was open. Weekends "played" gymnastics 4-6 hours every weekend. Walking home with rubber legs…stealing tomatoes off the vine of a garden bc so hungry. BUT I HAVEN'T ANY SKILLS. Learning to garden, know how to fish and am going to buy traps for rabbits. I watch the places they hide. I've watched the way to skin and prepare the little guys too. I have books on herbs and remedies. Foraging, the Navy Seal manuel for field medics…Truly have a STEAL WILL TO LIVE. I'll make it a month 😆😅🤣😂🤣😅😆😂🤣😂
    Oh yeah, 2019 dx with Myotonic dystrophy…ARE YOU KIDDING ME 😳.
    I will be 60 in December…MY HEART STILL SAYS "YOU CAN DO THIS !".

  13. Rule #1, Out live everyone I know, rule #2 is tty and teach them how to outlive me. Someone has to be around burn my body when I’m gone.

  14. I truly believe my age is going to be my weakness.iv gone thru lot of the event you mentioned in my life but I was young and strong , I’m still strong mentally strong and know that panic and practicality are a necessary insight. Know when to /panic (think on the fly )practically use is all resources at your ready . But be willing to leave them behind in a moment .be prepared to separate myself from people who will put me in danger .be it family or friends.but age is an enemy everyone should think about . You may become your own worst enemy if you rely on someone else in anyway .

  15. The psychological hurdles will probably some of the worst effects many would experience , even if food and water and shelter are taken care of….. Knowing that all you have worked for your entire life and all the preparations and sacrifices you have done to have a comfortable and rewarding retirement are now ALL GONE is devastating to many. Especially if you're close to retirement…. To know that all that works is now for nothing is very depressing for many.

  16. This guy is a fear monger and getting rich from naive people. Any sensible, logical, reasonable person knows what they have to do to survive. The idiots that don't are not watching your sham channel.

  17. I'm not afraid to go hungry , I can find supply in nature for lack of water ,what I will not survive is the angry and desperate humans, I am a older woman with no training wathsoever in self defense 🙁

  18. I am an old lady who lives alone. I am not in the shape that you are; I'd guess you are EASILY five times stronger. I am listening however.

  19. Your warp stabilizer in Adobe PP did not finish analyzing that one clip. Lol great videos love the in camera transitions and if you are looking for aerial “B”roll of Saskatoon just PM me, I have lots. Cheers

  20. Once My Mind Is Set On Something; I Do It Until It's Done Even If I Have To Stay Up For 2 Days Straight And Go To Work Within Those 2 Days.

    I Don't Play Hooky, I Rarely Take A Vacation (I've Only Been At My Current Job For A Year And 7 Months), I Am Willing To Fill In For A Co-Worker Every Chance I Get, And I Get Extremely Bored If I'm Not Working.

    My Own Mom Thinks I'm A "Workaholic".

    Most Of The People I Know Think I Have An "Anger Problem", "Temper", "Short Fuse", Or That I'm "Aggressive".

    I'm The Rebellious Type – Can Be Both Good Or Bad.

    I Rarely Slow Down And I Don't Give Up On Anything.

    I've Became Thirsty To The Point My Mouth Was Dry Like Cotton.

    I'm Very Energetic; Especially When I Don't Have My Nicotine Or Caffeine.

  21. I'd hook up with a couple of other veterans and their families. Used to working together, already seen hardships others know not and the skillset to deal with those who may not be friendly.

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