10 Wilderness Survival Tips in 10 Minutes

Here are 10 survival skills in 10 minutes. From bushcraft skills to foraging wild edibles in the wilderness. From surviving with natural materials, to surviving with man made materials. There are plenty of wilderness survival tips and tricks in this video! Stay tuned for more Ten in Ten episodes!

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  1. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for the great tips. Wondering if you need a specific pine species for it to have vitamin c. I've heard white pine is the one but not sure?

  2. i don't think you though through that moss tip very well. in the scenario you describe, a man uses moss to carry water, and then filters it through a water bottle. obviously, the water bottle would be better for carrying water than the moss.

  3. After this video I just had to subscribe… Love TAF and I am starting to love your channel too. Very enjoyable and useful content which has improved so much from your first vids. Well done and hope you will get to 2M soon!

  4. I learned years ago as a boy scout how to take 9volt battery and ignite it on steel wool. However I like your battery method better.

  5. Another outstanding clip Mike. Your info is a constant source of amazement. As I am in Australia, I like that these skills can apply no matter where you are in the world. Keep up the good work. 😀

  6. Hilarious how many people don't know this stuff..it used to be common sense not even 80yrs ago…humans are really regressing as time goes on.

  7. Iroquois archaeologist here in AlbaNY. That round stone that you used to sharpen your fishhooks, well, it looks like a nutting stone. That indentation on the reverse side, would be a platform to hold the nut, and then a (different) hammerstone would crack a nut from the top. Or maybe you created the indentation? To make a bearing block for a fire drill set?

  8. Hi i wanted to ask what is the name of that backpack bag and where i could get one, it looks like the bag i have but it's smaller and older with holes in it and that bag in the picture looks like it would be a good one, Thanks in advance

  9. I had a giggle with that moss tip. Awesome video, that tarp fix was really useful. 💯❤👍

  10. Love these videos, I am new to the bushcraft art and have learned so much from your channel, thank you!

  11. The effectiveness of pine needles on the immune system is one of the world's biggest kept secrets. Nature's antibiotics.

  12. Great tips very useful… and you get right to it no long intros…thank you you would be an awesome instructor…go Banwell!,,

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