100 Survival Items You Forgot To Buy Before The Imminent Economic Collapse

You can never tell exactly when economic collapse will occur, but you can pay attention to the signs of a looming catastrophe and head out before it’s too late. We’re in a new era of unexpected emergencies, cyberattacks, supply chain disruptions, and growing social and geopolitical tensions. The economic collapse that started in 2020 was only the initial stage of a much bigger crisis the entire planet is about to face. And it feels like a single black swan event can trigger a cascade of systemic failures that will lead us to the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. We can’t afford to sit and wait to see what happens. In fact, that’s exactly what we shouldn’t be doing. We must strategize and get ready to leave before panic and chaos take over. That’s what prepping is all about. So even before an emergency occurs, we must be prepared to deal with it, otherwise, we might be consumed by desperation.
Many threatening events have been lining up to what appears to be THE perfect storm. And even though you might not have enough time or resources to build up your own shelter, or turn your home into one and create your own stockpile, that doesn’t mean you can’t escape from the storm and start over somewhere safe. Survivalism is about adapting to all sorts of situations using your knowledge, skills, and creativity. That’s why bugging out when things go south can be a life-saving choice for you. However, you must be ready for that too, and to do so, you can start packing up a bug-out bag with the supplies you will need. As every person has their own needs, some choices are quite personal. That’s why today, we gathered a list of survival items people usually forget to buy and put in their bug-out bags to prepare for the next stage of the economic collapse.
Before anyone says “It’s just impossible to carry 100 items,” we want to remind you that these are simply suggestions. Just pick the supplies that will fit the best for your bugging-out plan. We honestly do not expect you to fit all 100 items into your bug-out bag, because even if you managed to do that, it would probably be too heavy. Preparedness is also knowing your limitations and respecting them. Your bug-out bag should weigh about 15% of your body weight if you’re in good shape, and around 20% of your body weight if you’re in great shape. Choose your supplies carefully, because they will be all that you will own during an irreversible economic collapse. Take into account your own preferences, your skills, your region, who will be with you, and so forth. Take some time to learn from experienced preppers, such as those with Urban Survival Website, and Ask A Prepper. And don’t forget to pay close attention to the menacing events that are emerging everywhere – in that way, you might not know when a catastrophe will occur, but you will know exactly when it’s time to run. So keep tuned and keep your eyes open to the challenges that are coming for us.


  1. The entire west coast is in dire straights. Yellowstone is bubbling over, Lake Tahoe is on the verge of evacuation due to "wildfires"..its all related. The San Andreas fault is in flux!!

  2. The fish hooks make good perimeter defense as well. The tobacco in the cigarettes can be moistened and applied to spider bites, though plug tobacco definitely is the way to go. Concentrated tobacco is also an effective poison.

  3. You'd be surprised with what you can do with a gun, stockman pocket knife, and a lighter. You don't end truckloads of stuff to survive. That will just draw attention. Minimalism is survival. People live effectively with whatever that can carry off their backs.

  4. The narrator of this channel should remind people to prepare themselves for death. Yep, death! Hate to be the barrier of bad news, but most will parish if what this channel is mentioning happens. Prepare your souls to meet Jesus at your judgement. Get on your knees and ask forgiveness for your wretched life; not that I'm judging anyone. You get my meaning. 😉 Plus, where in God's green earth will most people bug-out to? Too many apocalypse movies have brainwashed people into thinking they will survive a catastrophe.

  5. More than half the stuff on here is for short term and if you have a reliable power source. If this is what you prep with I will outlast you.

  6. I just wish everyone in the world come just come together and stop fighting over something that does not belong to anyone. The world is a domain not meant to be rulled by no man. If we all could get along and work together now that would be a scary outcome for the future.

  7. Kudos for the video… Thank you for putting so much time into this. But 100 survival items and not a single mention of a knife? Or a hatchet/a saw?

  8. Damn he beat me to it at the end. I was going to say that buyout bag would be 200lbs in ur back. He must have known I was coming lol

  9. I have miniature cowbells they're about the size of an average human fist. They can be rigged with fishing line as a trip line to give warning of intuders, bears, etc.

  10. So, when things go South , looks like you are going to have to pack the whole shopping mall with you ! Lets hope it never happens..

  11. I have stepped up getting supplies since 2019, because the collapse is coming due to the dummies in Washington running us down. I have been get extra supplies just for trade or barter .

  12. Made it to item five, 3 1/2 minutes in before realizing this video is ignorant crap made by fools. You have fun with that and people that listen to this crap will be broke and dead.

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