$100 Walmart Survival Kit! Ultralight Bugout Bag for 7 Day Survival Challenge

$100 Walmart Survival Kit 7 Day Survival Challenge! *Series filmed December 2018*

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Premise: This $100 7 day Walmart Challenge is designed to Test my Whits Instead of Relying Solely on Buckets and Buckets of High End Gear as well as Encourage others on a Tight Budget that a DIY Kit can in Fact be built and Assist them in a Crisis.

WAZOO Survival: (Wearable Survival Gear)

Canadian Preparedness: (Silky Saws & My Bug Out Roll)

Fiddleback Outpost: (Ultimate Adventure Store)

Stanford Outdoor Supply: (B.O.S.S. KITS)

Grim WorkShop (EDC & Survival Tools):

Fiddleback Forge: (Custom Handmade Knives)

Fire Strip Roll 3pk:
WaxWood Sticks 4pk:
GRAYL Water Filter:

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  1. Hey Group Hope yall enjoy the 7 Day $100 Walmart Survival Challenge Video Series This is Episode 1 aka The Build, This was filmed back in December 2018 for Reference Yall

  2. Those were the days when walmart was full and the camping stuff was there i gotta start buying all the rest of mine online at walmart or ebay etc bc they r not on the shelves anymore

  3. Your "survival" kit is a 30usd bundle of ozarktrail garbage and a set of cooking pots and pans……you are so dumb its ridiculous. Wasn't expecting much of this video but holy shit.
    If you think this video helps people,you are doing the opposite by promoting all this junk

  4. Holy shit the blade, axe and machete looks so shitty quality. But what can u expect from a 25$ walmart shit.

  5. Are you kidding me most of that stuff is overpriced or just stupid to buy I have the ozark trail survival tool set and was way cheaper and the sawyer lifestraw for cheaper

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