11 MUST HAVE Survival Farms In Minecraft

These Are 11 Best Survival Friendly Farms in Minecraft That You Should Definitely Build In Your World! Incluing farms for Paper, Gunpowder, Wood, Iron, XP, Slime blocks, Gold and much more! Every good Minecraft Player should build these automatic farms!

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  1. I can't survive without gnemboms 9k/h iron farm. It's overkill for me but worth the satisfaction

  2. idk why you’d build an iron farm before a villager breeder tho, that don’t make much sense seeing how much easier a villager breeder is and how important it is to even have an iron farm

  3. enderman farm is a must have and super beginner friendly farm, it gives you a ton of xp to enchant, i wouldnt live (in minecraft world) without one :/

  4. Shulkercraft : This raid farm produces 3300 emeralds per hour and some other stuff that u don't really need.
    Totems : Am I a joke to you?

  5. This guy's accent is great, i really love it. Thanks for the farm ideas, I'm considering being the "farm builder" in the smp i play in, so i could use these ideas.

  6. he says other stuff you don't need in emerald farm but we have redstone and gunpowder in the list which are different farms so just make a stacking raid farm and get more than their seprate farms and there are totems on this list too and we know about both of the channel creators die a lot so totems are things they need the most

  7. Don’t build a creeper only farm. Instead build shulkercraft’s all mob farm because not only do you get unlimited gunpowder but also an unlimited amount of other resources as well

  8. would be great to see links to the original farms, and provide a link to the channels too. Imo just seems lazy to add a screenshot to "credit" other creators

  9. If you’re playing in 1.18, cowsking farm rates are much lower(from 200k to 66-77k emeralds per hour) but still worth it.

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