12 Best SURVIVAL Gadgets On AMAZON And Online

Nothing matters more than survival in life. Even the most ambitious mountain-climbers, stunt personnel, and acrobatic performers all value their lives over their professions. Survival is, and should always be everyone’s number one priority! So, whether you’re in need of an everyday outdoor survival kit, a super-smart water power generator, or a magical belt that has survival guaranteed, there’s all that and more here on this list!

We’re counting down the 12 Best SURVIVAL Gadgets On AMAZON And Online. Let’s get started with the video!

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Fire Laces –
Don’t Die In The Woods 2 Person Tent –
Pure flame Mini –
MS5 – Everyday Carry Survival Kit –
Mini Thumb Lighter/Knife Set –
Surviveware Small First Aid Kit –
Estream – Portable Water Power Generator –
Veitorld Multi-Tool Axe –
Cache Survival Belt –
Vssl – Adventure-Ready First Aid –
Thorfire Hand Crank Camping Lantern –
Rhino Ready Companion Backpack –

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  1. everything on this list is garbage crap that will get people hurt or in more danger than they could have ever dreamed of. Techjoint is a garbage channel designed as a marketing venture for garbage west coast companies. BLOCKED AND REPORTED!!

  2. Bruh I subed to someone similar and they had these same clips. You literally just copied because they did this 2 years ago. There’s like 2 different ones


  4. #1 is just dumb, first you do not rub stones together, you rub sticks, if you make a survival vid you should know that. If you go hiking without a knife/ striker kit you should freeze. Striker kit starts at $2.00, the shoe laces are $10.00-WTH????

  5. Interesting products. BUT.. you're idiots for using a video thumbnail product that is NOT even featured. Clickbait and dishonest.

  6. get a good knife , steel cantine, axe , atleast 3 to 5 ways of making fire , compass , cordage, really good boots ,sealed container of salt and duct tape you are good

  7. #1 item to put in ur bug out bag is:
    Answer: King James Holy Bible( small version)
    How else u gonna know the news?

  8. Total junk in general. You can go to the hardware store and build your own practical kits. and way cheaper.

  9. This is all for "Cool, Amazon gamers". As for me, I WAS at a small gathering at one of the other ends of the lake and some lady cut her finger. A deep cut that was bleeding noticeably. No one had any first aid. I asked her if she wanted a bandaid. Yes, of course! So, I pulled out my cellphone, popped the cellphone out of it's armored case and gave her one of my 2 bandaids. I gave her the other one later. I only carry Curad cloth bandaids.

  10. DON'T CANCEL ME, I JUST NEED HELP!…Spreading the truth about who Jesus is in my new book….(Jesus Is God Scripture Proves It by Cary Glenn)..available where books are sold

  11. Does does that rhino ready backpack expand? If not there's no way you can fit 72 hours worth of stuff in there.

  12. pay attention if i want to purchase the pure flame mini it had better be on Amazon, you created this list their will be no others, you pay them and don,t get anything

  13. I like that the pure flame mini is more compact than Biolite, but I think I would still get Biolite and save this one for a mini travel emergency type kit

  14. Don't ever use USB and survival in a sentence. Good knife, magnifying glass and water purifier and you can survive most situations with a little bit of ingenuity.

  15. This is a great way to promote Chinese made products. If you need this crap to survive you are dead already.

  16. Number 10 hasn't even gone to market yet maybe you want to try reviewing things or talk about items that people can actually you know… Get?

  17. I suggest getting hand crank everything, flashlights lanterns radios even a combination. I've seen hand crank radios with solar panels that have hyper USB 3.0 ports allowing you to power your cell phones quickly. That's what I plan on adding to my survival gear.

  18. I prefer the sectional staff that has survival tools inside them and room enough to place other tools inside the sections that are empty, it's made of none ferous materials so it will never rust and I plan on getting some of the items listed here for survival to put inside the staff, it has the ability to become a taller staff as it can be extended with extra compartments so you don't have to wear a heavy backpack to carry all of these things you'll need for survival!

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