25 Minecraft Build Ideas to Improve Your Survival World

Today I have over 25 Minecraft Build ideas that will improve your survival worlds. This video has many Minecraft village build ideas for inspiration that will enhance the look of any Minecraft Village, Town or City. If you are in need of some ideas or inspiration then this video could be the one for you.

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► Minecraft 1.18 Java Edition
► Texture Pack: BlueNerd Vanilla Basic (Download Available on Discord )
► Shaders: BSL Shaders
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  1. Sorry videos have been slow recently, I got some new software and it caused a few issues but all fix now, finally. Let me know your thoughts on this style of video in the comments ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I'm building an Italian style village with a waterfront shop area. It's challenging because I'm still new to building without tutorials and there are few Italian/Mediterranean builds to draw inspiration from.

  3. I'm not bad builder but I'm not good builder too
    I am so good at detailing and interior designs
    Can you help me to make better houses?

  4. I’ve been looking for a ton of vids recently after deciding to start a big village build in my survival world. Your channel has helped tons! I spawned in a snowy tundra biome, so it’s been a struggle to decide whether to go Nordic or medieval, but your videos give me lots of inspiration and ideas. Are there any specific things that you think would work in a snowy biome?

  5. I was wondering. Idk where else to ask this lol. But again, I was wondering if you could build a modern city tutorial? I love how you explain everything in your tutorials, your the first youtuber tutorial person I can actually follow along with lol. I tried following along other people's, but I cant seem to understand their measurements and whatnot haha.

  6. Bro some the builds are off the hook, any can I smell a new port / castle build? I’m freestyle blue now as I’ve pretty much built everything from port , castle , villages , lighthouses arena and ships. I’m at point where I’m blue 2.0 builder. But still got a long way to go.

  7. These ideas are just amazing, the amount of effort put into these villages is unbelievable!
    every tip there is something inspiring, thank you very very much for making this 🙂

  8. Thank you for the ideas, i just created a new world and was getting a little stuck. you kicked me off in a good direction.

  9. Hello Bluenerd can I have your BSL settings please? cause BSL is not beautiful as yours and great video! thank you

  10. Is there / why isn't there a mod, that just randomly spawns all those beautiful builds like yours and many other great youtubers? I just want my world to be populated with randomly spawned super beautiful medieval designs of houses, castles, ruins…everything. Is there such mod? If not…why don't you for example and other youtubers MAYBE gather, create some of those structures, make a Patreon and let us pay for the mod. Join forces and enrich the community and let us pay for your great work. I would LOVE to pay for this.

  11. Love these ideas, especially the game areas. Thx for sharing.

    Keep up the nice work.

    Cant wait for your channel to blow up.


  12. I appreciate all your videos man they really really help me and inspire me to get better at building and finding my own style of builds and progressing on mastering the art of building in minecraft, and i love your videos homie 🙏

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