3 DAY Solo Survival Challenge (NO FOOD, NO WATER, NO SHELTER) Catch n Cook Pt.2

I challenge myself to survive 3 DAYS (72hours) in the uninhabited rainforest of Australia. Throughout this challenge I will catch my own food, collect my own water, build my own primitive survival shelter and find some venomous/deadly animals. In this episode in particular I build a primitive survival hut, find some huge snakes and catch an eel to cook up.

Insta @millerwilson


  1. You make me so fucking angry of you men dont never ever play like this with cobra or any of snaks you dont have any exprienc with snake so be carfel if she bite you u die men

  2. I recon with the amount of tips u have given us and the info that I have researched, I think I could survive a good week

  3. SO,young fella barely has a mustache and knows how to survive own his own,that's beautiful and thanks to him humans will survive.

  4. I think you are crazy…. But I love watching your vids and learn stuff I would never have. Thanks! Stay safe!

  5. Bro u should start your own Netflix series you have the perfect content people would love to see on their I would really recommend u try

  6. Would love to see you get into some cave diving and exploring, obviously with experienced people to learn from.

  7. Support here and i hope my friend..somedy u go there on my place..and we shoot some great primitive..your open here in phillipines

  8. i feel like youtube has limited miller. he was tipped to much bigger things. still young of course but i feel its time to step up production and do new things outside the box. he channel peaked when he was a boy. anyony else think this

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