3 Days Solo Survival, NO WATER, NO FOOD, NO SHELTER, 3 Items – Part 1

Survival with limited gear on an isolated deserted beach, collecting water, food and getting a fire going… hope you enjoy this series, something a little different🤙

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  1. haven't tried that cactus fruit but I have a good feeling that the texture and it taste like dragonfruit

  2. im a new subscriber, love your work. im wondering did you get a new true kit in dim grey? In your first video featuring the true kit it appeared to be light grey. Is there a story behind the change or am i seeing things?

  3. can ya take a couple bags of concrete and build a hobit shelter, smoke house, cratch the rains, and televise live from there, can you catch a small croc n cook ,or pretend to wrestle it on the beach, we need some comedy, a twist of russell coyte, there's got to be more tucka around, scratch around more please.

  4. Could you hunt kangaroo on this island? idk what your alls hunting laws are like but I've always heard that they're invasive so it's fair game

  5. Just stay as safe as you can. Keeping a "just in case" kit would be smart even if u don't tell us. Because you fail at survival only once.

  6. I didn’t see anyone drop this on the comments, but I only just brushed over them. You could increase the sustainability of tree transpiration water collection bags, by using the the severed upper half of a water bottle as a stopper. You pull the cut hole through the bottle lip, and pull it back around kinda like an inverted condom. Then just screw the bottle cap on. Now all you need to do is unscrew the cap every time you want to get a drink, drain it, and screw it back on.

  7. Does it help if you clean out the leaves with ocean water first before you tie the plastic for fresh water? So may be water won't be that brown and dusty.

  8. This is great, love this channel and the idea behind this video. Just makes me sad to see all the trash.

  9. couldn't you use that blue plastic cord as a tether to the firestick and pull it back and forth rather than use your hands

  10. Does it matter what type of tree with relation to toxicity of the plant, that when it gives up it's fluid, it won't make you sick from drinking it?

  11. Mate I’ve been watching your videos and all I can say is thank you dude! All the sick adventures you go on are so awesome and even come just watching them is such a welcomed escape from me and many others from normal life, especially in the current global situation. Thanks Dude 👍

  12. Hey man, great content.

    I would appreciate if you dropped the fish eye lense so we can see the true nature of our oceans, flat and level.

    This fake curve only pleases space incels that are close to the spectrum.

  13. Been watching for a while and love your videos! Awesome cinematic intro🔥 Can’t wait to visit down undah one day! Keep doing it brother from the USA🇺🇸

  14. When starting a fire that way, it's far easier to use a bow. You could have made one by doubling up some fishing line on a branch. Maybe next time mate!

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