3 Simple Starter Bases for Survival Minecraft! #2

3 Simple Starter Bases for Survival Minecraft to use in your own world! Build a survival raft, an oak treehouse, and an easy camping tent. All are incredibly easy to build and require very few resources.

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Building simple bases in Minecraft is fun. I also love building all kinds of Starter Farms, Redstone designs, and other cool tricks! I love to build these Ideas with my friends on our own server.

This Video is the same style as Minecraft: 3 Simple Elevator Designs for Survival.

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—————————- Game Info —————————-

► Shaders: BSL
► Resource Pack: Default
► Mods:
○ Replay Mod
○ Optifine

—————————-Time Stamps————————–

0:00​ – Treehouse
3:59 – Camping Tent
6:36 – Survival Raft

—————————— Credits ——————————

Track 1: Fresh by Ikson
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Track 2: Come Along by Jay Someday
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
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Track 3: Music : Roa – Beautiful Days
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  1. If you spawn near a oak forest you can make tree house
    Materials : oak leaves logs and spruce
    Oh it is very common to get spruce in oak forest

  2. We learnt 2 things in the first house first how to build a tree house and how to build an exact replica of a tree

  3. See what i like about this person is that the builds are simple and east and get to building instantly and don’t bore us

  4. Hi Gorillo, I just wanted to mention that instead of using a chicken you could have used a boat, it works I assure you 🙁

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