#32. Building Complete and Warm Survival Shelter, Bushcraft hut of earth and stone.

#32. Building Complete and Warm Survival Shelter, Bushcraft hut of earth and stone.

Building Complete Survival Shelter, Stone House | LIVING OFF GRID w/ Alone Bushcraft #30

Hello everyone, my name is Huong. I started my jungle journey by building shelters, where I found my freedom and most comfort. Hope you guys will like my videos.

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  1. Классная деваха , кому-то повезёт с такой Женой , это вам не нынешние ляди , которые ток и умеют что просаживать бабло и больше ничего

  2. This is not about building a shelter, this is about a wonderful girl showing her impressive body! Definitely, this is one of the best ways to keep it fit, better than almost any work out. 😀

  3. looks like home depot just brought in a fresh load of bamboo.no building permit, no inspectors, no electric bill, no insurance, no property taxes. got running water. no snow load requirements on the roof. i love simple things.

  4. Pardon my comment. She has built the shelter too close to water. She will be faced with a very dangerous situation and may not survive a flash flood; especially at night after she has fallen asleep.

  5. Bung eell !!! shel lay ham need-ah, chegom Tong Shim adi gah che-goom ? Miyun-oon Po tak em need-a America or Korea ?

  6. Shit, imagine if this lady was around when they were building the pyramids, she'd have moved next door & done it herself, faster, dam that is impressive.

  7. Q hermosa mujer mis respetos que bien trabaja asiendo la casa eres una mujer asombrosa que Dios te bendiga siempre de corazón hermosas mujeres un fuerte abrazo desde cuernavaca Morelos eres un excelente mujer me gustaría conocerte guapa cuídate mucho hermosa

  8. No way she does by herself, cutting bamboo, so many rock Al in one spot and same size, same clothes, does not sweat, or get dirty. You are a fool thinking she is doing this

  9. All the work she does and people would still consider her "fat". I hate the current society.

  10. Her capacity for hard work over an extended period of time is impressive. So much of the heavy shoveling is done in her bare feet or simple sandals. These shelters which she builds in this video and others can not be done in one day, by herself. Can they?

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