50 Items For Your Survival Kit and Bug Out Bag

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We are living in precarious times and everyone should have an emergency back pack. This is my current bug out bag setup. Check my other bug out bag related content ones you have your pack set up.

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Here is a gear list Use discount code PREPPINGGEAR for 10% off

Backpack (Markhor 45- Vanquest)


Pressurized water bladder and water filters

Toilet paper tablets

Nalgene Stainless Steel Bottle


Wool Blanket

Survival Lilly APO-1S

Fire Kit

Radio Baofeng

Silky Zubat 390

Freeze Dried Food

Med supplies



  1. You can carry a heavy loaded pack, and walk with a strong dog. Do you have a canine harness/pack so he/she can carry more? I have an Austrian Shepard/mix, that is larger than a German Shepard by 30 pounds, and am looking for a nice pack for him.

  2. You should have some adderall and OxyContin. Of the highest doses. The nazis took over Europe staying up for days on meth.

  3. The flare gun can start a fire as you said and bounce. However you can take the shell in the worst case scenario and empty out the gun powder and do it that way. 😀 Same as a shotgun shell without the >>>

  4. This is by far the most well put together bag that I've seen thus far. Most bags have very bare bones necessities and knick knack for basic survival. Honestly what impressed me the most is the med bag, the fact people grossly underestimate the necessity of having on hand medication is insane. In a situation where you have to get up and go and have very little time to prepare having on hand meds is extremely helpful. The thing that immediately stood out was the antibiotics and immodium. Simply outstanding cautionary awareness.

  5. Just plan for how long does it take to walk from work to home and multiply that time by three, then design your bag from that. YOUR NOT JASON BORNE FOLKS

  6. I’m no prepper, but even I can see value in this. I mean if anything we need to have some survival skills. I mean at the minimum it looks fun, makes you think ok what do I need

  7. I would add a stove working with these cans you can fill up with (gasoline, nafta, even highly concentrated alcohol) with a stainless steel pot/lid/pan combo (1 pers). They are small and light, allows you to cook stuff that you can find or buy on the road.

  8. Great video and awesome content. Thank you. One critique as an emergency physician. I would choose a different antibiotic. Amoxicillin is not adequate coverage for what you would encounter such as wound infections and or pneumonia etc. I would keep ciprofloxacin instead. Maybe doxycycline too. Can even be used for children although with care. Doxy not for pregnant women. But great content.

  9. I hot a hunting jacket with Many pockets. This allows me to leave the mainbag and still bé full of hardware in the radius of my hidden bag for a radius exploration for example or for trapping, so the mainbag IS smaller and lighter, yes food IS 3/4 of the Weight. Pocket knife and little axe, in addition a small flexible grid to hold things on fire,wiresteel like 10m 0.3 mm, essential, nylon ropes, leather ropes.

  10. I bought this backpack for $319 and paid $40 for shipping and the bag is a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be

  11. I spent 6 years living out of a bug-out backpack. 75% of the stuff he has is completely unnessisary.

  12. Some good ideas I hadn't thought of, A lot of the stuff shown in your bug out bag I wouldn't have a use for here in Australia. But every bug out bag will be different. I was always taught never to eat any food unless you have water to help you digest the food, otherwise using body fluids to break down the food will cause dehydration and shorten ones chances of survival massively.

  13. Unpopular opinion that I use for food. Smash 5 loaves of bread into a coffee can, and bring 2lbs of rice. Carbs and filling.

  14. I'm so glad I'll be doing all of this at the age of 30!!!!! Who wants to gain multiple streams of income just to figure that it will all go to waste in the next 3/4/5 decades………….

  15. Activated charcoal – I would add this universal toxin binder 100% as well as colloidal silver and/or hydrogen peroxide – thanks for sharing

  16. Very nice dog!
    If I don't mistake, it should be German shepherd. Can I ask you, please?
    If you know some kinds of plants which have really eatable roots (rich of carbohydrates), would you be able to train your dog to find such kinds of plants (roots) by smelling, so you would not lose your time much to find it?

  17. Me personally, you forgot stuff such as nail clippers. Its never a fun day if youre wearing shoes or boots and hiking with untrimmed toe nails. Que tips, maybe a small 6" sqillet to cook on. Extra clothes incase you get submerged and it gets cold at night

  18. I’m worried about my bug out bag options 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m 4’11… so I worry about the size and weight if I have to trek across bad terrain or for a long distance. Any advice you could give would be a great help 😊🔥🙏🏻 love your vids man, just discovered your channel. I’m in Nova Scotia!! Have always had a prepper’s mindset but definitely starting to get serious about it. 🔥🙌🏻 I have this sense of urgency inside and I can’t explain it…

  19. Tweezers for pulling out thorns and pieces of debris from wounds and small mirror for pulling those pesky eyelashes and kamikaze bugs from your eyes.

  20. Like the tracking of graphics with pack items…did you use after effects or similar rotoscoping application?

  21. Dumbest thing to do is to have any type of electronic device with you if someone is hunting your ass they can find you in a heartbeat pretty stupid

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