6 Day SURVIVAL in RAINSTORM (knife & paracord Only) – NO Food, NO Shelter Challenge

The Reality of Survival. Taking you through the experience of 6 Day Autumn Survival with Knife & Paracord Only! We start just 2 hours before dawn… Soon we get to deal with serious rain lasting for days… Shelter & Fire making is key, but will be difficult under these circumstances… Hopefully, we can soon start to focus on gathering some food soon… Enjoy!

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  1. It seems ur fire skills lacking in latter stages. U had plenty of flame. Even without feather sticks u should have had no problems. Personally never used feather sticks and camped in very wet environment. U need a good skills at both ends of fire building. Making ember is a start buy not having something like a temper log cabin built before ember work is a quick way to lose ur fire.

  2. Really nicely edited video, enjoying the 'Director's Commentary', it adds a lot. You don't have to justify your decisions but it's really useful to hear why you did certain things. No shame in using the ferro rod at all, it looked miserable! I would guess that the holes at the start are fox & badger – hard to tell from such a short clip but some were definitely the right size and shape for badger but with not much dirt in front, it could be a fox has moved in too/instead.

  3. I liked the video. But here in the USA in Tennessee?Walking around in the woods like that will get you snake bit. Game over when that happens my friend.

  4. The mistake you made with your fire is that you smothered it with more fuel and by doing so, cut off the oxygen supply. When the flame disappears with a new fire like that it is because the oxygen supply has been obstructed. You should not have put more fuel on so soon because the fuel that was already there was damp/wet. The flame was needed to dry out the wood that was already there. You should have been feeding it more oxygen rather than more fuel.

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