7 Survival Bugs/Glitches in 1.19+ Minecraft! (ANY ITEM Duplication ,NEW ILLEGAL Items & More)

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in todays video i show you 7 Survival Bugs/Glitches in 1.19+ Minecraft! (ANY ITEM Duplication ,NEW ILLEGAL Items & More)

i hope this helps you out yhyh!

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join the discord!

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  1. Umm soo how did you get that much xp levels? Did you do the command or do you have a farm the is very op in minecraft bedrock edition?

  2. Hey does the duplicate glitch still work but there’s been an update before but dunno if it’s patched

  3. 7:39 i was able to do something like that on a realm, i duplicated my shulker box in the over world but with no nether portal but i did it unintentionally so i don’t know how i really did it

  4. WTH
    I did the shulker Dupe glitch, reloaded my world, collected the duped box, then went to overworld and it caused an error, then Minecraft wouldn't close at all, so I tried to restart my PS4, now my PS4 won't turn off!!!

  5. I tried the dup glitch and I lost some of the items I put in the chest! I lost my diamonds, my iron, my ender pearls! I don't know if i did something wrong but yeah, a lot of my valuables have gone 😭

  6. I guess James have not bought Minecraft… He uses the trick which I use to play full version of the game for free…. Closing runtime broker on task manager…..

    Not sure about this…. But in this process loading screen stucks on 42% and his screen was stuck then and then he directly came to play screen🤣

  7. could you show off a way to break bedrock in 1.19 at some point? i was making a void base a while back and i don't know what glitches work in 1.19

  8. Btw with the item inventory bug where you cant move the item from a slot atleast on bedrock you can midclick via mouse and it normally fixes it for me

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