9 Survival Items Everyone Needs But NO ONE Has

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A bunch of survival gear and prepping items you may not have considered. There are a lot of videos about the usual prepping items, but these are some things you may find off the beaten path.

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  1. good ideas but the toxic pest sprays & traps are not good! not good for you or the environment. There are natural ways to get rid of pets, you might want to research those..

  2. You should do a video on dealing with health issues such as poor eyesight, and such things that everyone deals with. If I lose my glasses when SHTF, I'm done for!

  3. i use a big rock and natural soap to wash my clothes in the river or pond……….hang wet stuff on a branch. now thats rustic LOL

  4. Lots of batteries. A couple battery operated fans are really handy sometimes. We had no electricity for about 3 weeks & they were very helpful. I also use them in my garage when I am working out there. A small basin with a small amount of water can be used for a sponge bath. I did not have indoor running water until I was 17. Grew up poor so I know a thing or two about not having modern conveniences. Hung clothes and hand washed things in an old wringer washer. Saw someone say don't need the clothespins just drape the clothes over the line. Well hope that person never has any wind is all I can say for that LOL. Used rain water to wash our hair so it was softer. Worked great. Had an old fashioned pump to get our water from. If you have one make sure everyone who needs to, knows how to prime it, and how to use hot water if it is freezing. A galvanized tub was bath tub for the kids. Older ones just did sponge bath's. My mother had an old hard sided cosmetic bag she used as a first aid kit. She always seemed to have what was needed. We used whiskey for toothaches like a mouthwash, and hot toddies for monthly cramps. One of the most useful things you cannot even find these days was our old featherbed which we used under us in summer and over us in winter. Ice formed on my inside bedroom walls and a glass of water on my clothes chest would freeze. So some extra blankets are a must if you live in a cold climate like I do. I have extra comforter's on hand as well as blankets in those storage bags that shrink the storage space I need for them. Almost forgot peppermint oil to discourage rats. And don't forget to have some pain meds and probiotics for your pets in stock.

  5. I think you very good at what you do:i stumbled across you watching survival lily:she my first favourite you are my second x:but guys being a shaman i for see events and yes we heading for mayhem:but i walk with a stick and am a woman :i need some videos when things get Out of hand for my group of weaker people my work is important and i jeed to be able to survive too. With kind reguards x

  6. so you are explaining laundry tech I raised my 5 kids with and all I can do is pick up my 1964 era jaw off the floor and turn my electricity off…….lol

  7. Linament rubs like deep heat or tiger balm mixed up with watm water and put into a water pistol or any spray bottle is an excellent standby for pepper spray. Be careful!

  8. The best thing for wasps etc is wd40, rp7 or other wd sprays, the instant it hits the wasp the wasp will drop like lead and slowly die.
    Don't spray them with anything else, unless you can run real fast.
    Also don't use a draw knife to take bark off trees, use back of axe or tomahawk and follow length of tree along and if you are good at it, you can get the bark off in virtually one piece and that in turn can be used for a lot of other projects. Throw sand, pebbles or small twigs in a solid bag with clothes and some soap and water then shake the crap out of it and you will have clean clothes, don't forget to rinse with clean water. Clothes, cutlery, dishes or nearly anything can be clean with wet sand on the edge of a creek, again rinse when done.

  9. Did you just say to me – your generation doesn't know what is hanging clothes outside to dry them out? Then what the fuck do others do?! How do you dry clothes except hanging them!?!?!?!?

  10. Kids Water Wings. They are cheap, light and super compact. Can be used for make shift pillow, inside a tackle box to prevent sinking, a brief emergency compress (better for large body parts), an emergency water canteen, etc… My idea, but you can use it 🙂

  11. Sugar, honey, salt, vodka, cigarettes'. They last forever and can all be used as trade items, but the honey and vodka can also be used for medicinal purposes. Honey is naturally antiseptic and the vodka can be used to disinfect or used to make tinctures. Chocolate is another great trade item, but can also be very important to keeping up moral amongst you and your group/family. And make sure you have everything that a woman will need to be as comfortable as possible on a monthly bases also.

  12. Peppermint essential oil is good for yellow jackets repellent. Been sprinkling around dish of pets to keep them out of the dishes

  13. Seriously? Are people this ignorant that a video had to be made about common sense? OMFG, a SHTF situation is gonna be to easy for veteran preppers. 😂😂😂

  14. being clean will give you away. I get the impression you don't hunt. If you are trying to hide in the woods, being clean is not the way to go. smelling like your environment is how to hide. being sociable requires you to be clean. it all depends and what you are trying to do.

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