Absolutely Nutty Max Projectile Build! – Nomad Survival

Battle against hordes of enemies, conquer Boss encounters, and explore various character and skill combinations in this time-based auto-attacking Roguelite in your quest to become stronger and defeat the most menacing of creatures that lay in wait at the end of each run.

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  1. Arc Flash increases the distance that the lightning can travel between enemies. It has a range that it can jump. If enemies are outside of the range it won't connect.

    Also, Stamina Potion is super clutch. It is the equivalent of Empty Tome in Vampire Survivors. SP Regen directly translates to reduction in skill cooldown.

  2. Amount affects everything that doesn't say it doesent. Its a direct damage upgrade for things like glyph and circle and every characters primary skill upgrades at levels 20 and 40, thats why your sword got better

  3. So, with double exp mode, you NEVER get achievements and can never get new unlocks outside of raw stats

  4. which one would you recommend this or vampire survival? i get kinda tired of vampire survival since i spend like 29 minutes and die even with every weapon evolved or i just dont get things i need at all

  5. "I really wanna do an AOE build"

    He says while chain lightning, daggers, and energy wave destroy nearly everything that appears on screen. I really love this micro genre, I love the exact same style of build wander used here. Once I hit that certain threshold, I'll just stand in one spot and let the enemies sacrifice themselves. However, the problem I have with games in the genre so far is that once I find a build that works really well, I rarely deviate from it so runs start to feel the same really fast. Granted, that's more of a me problem than a problem with the games themselves, but it still bugs me.

  6. It's likely that the reason your weapons get their first big mutation at level 5 (and why most weapon upgrades don't give you straight damage) is because of the massive amounts of slots – this game expects you to build *wide*, not tall. It'd be interesting to see you do a run where you try to fill all your slots, and see how it turns out.


  8. We both were yawning at the same time haha

    Also thx to your videos it makes my day thank you and keep up the good work

  9. Wow..the fireball looks kinda…shit without the duplicators?

    I thought we were going to see a ridiculous amount of fireballs being thrown all over the place, but without the duplicator it seems like all you get is 1 fireball.

  10. Hey Wander, love your videos regardless, but just a small suggestion when you're picking new powers and items in stuff like this game and Peglin, etc. Can you hover over it for a couple seconds before you choose it so we can either pause to read what it does or just have more time to read it in general? Sometimes you're blowing through them so fast we don't have time to read what they do or really process what's going on. Thanks a bunch!

  11. The number on the left is the skill level it is.
    10 is max. When it is 10 it doesn't appear anymore

  12. The game let me buff my passive aoe spell to be bigger than my screen, it was ridiculous and I loved it.

  13. The increase of sword swipes from your SP skill went up at levels 20 and 40, not with Duplication. Character select tells you that it doesn't get affected by Amount (aside from Merchant background), which can feel a bit lame… But if you arent relying on your SP skill for damage then it doesn't have any tangible impact on the run anyway.

  14. So many new and interesting items and weapons to check out…

    Item collecter, xp go brrr

  15. I could be wrong, but the faster game speed might be what's keeping you from new characters.

  16. The first level isn’t level 0 it’s just telling you what level it currently is which still is a weird choice

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