ARK: Survival Evolved | Evolve | by NerdOut (REMASTERED 2020)

It’s been over four years since we released our first song for ARK: Survival Evolved and since then the story has truly evolved! Additions with Scorched Earth, Extinction, Aberration & Genesis as well as new maps with The Center, Ragnarok, Valguero & Crystal Isles, ARK is truly a one of a kind game.
We’ve also grown as artists over the years, and since this was the very first original song Ben and Jack made on NerdOut, we decided it deserved a remastered version. See if you can point out all the new little Easter eggs in the song 😉
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Track Credits:
Songwriter/Producer/Vocals: @Ben Schuller
Video Editor: Jukari

Songwriter: @The8thHawk

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  2. Fun fact : 2:17 they say all the glory yeah I need it in the original they said with my sabertooth and T. rex funny how they changed it and still matched good

  3. man this took so long bc they had to get all of those dinosaurs to make this video and make that base like holy hell
    good job

  4. God I haven’t heard this song in years, and this remaster brought me back to when I’d jam this daily


  6. Make a another one remake in 2022 I don't know what date but I like what you do the like so all the arcs the desert and then the third one and then the fourth one then the Genesis one

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