ARK: Survival Evolved | Evolve | by NerdOut (REMASTERED 2020)

It’s been over four years since we released our first song for ARK: Survival Evolved and since then the story has truly evolved! Additions with Scorched Earth, Extinction, Aberration & Genesis as well as new maps with The Center, Ragnarok, Valguero & Crystal Isles, ARK is truly a one of a kind game.
We’ve also grown as artists over the years, and since this was the very first original song Ben and Jack made on NerdOut, we decided it deserved a remastered version. See if you can point out all the new little Easter eggs in the song 😉
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Track Credits:
Songwriter/Producer/Vocals: @Ben Schuller
Video Editor: Jukari

Songwriter: @The8thHawk

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