Better Minecraft : Cottagecore STARTER HOUSE Ep 1 Modded Minecraft Survival Lets Play

fWhip is playing Modded Minecraft with Better Minecraft! Time to explore the world and start building a cottagecore village in the woods! Click the Like Button if you enjoy!


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  1. Hope you enjoy the brand new series!!! I'm so excited to play in this world! What do you think we should do?!? Any Tips?!?!?

  2. Anyone know what other mods he added on to this, like the woodcutter, the fir and the terrain generation?

  3. Fwhip, I know a lot of people say "why get copper" dude I love making copper stairs, I was wondering if you could make some textured copper

  4. Anyone else notice the arm switched to his empires skin for the majority of the second half of the video?

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