Broke Traveler Survival Guide *Cool Gadgets and Hacks for Vacation*

Feeling like a tourist in a foreign country is fun at first, but traveling abroad can sometimes be daunting ✈️. This video features useful travel gadgets and hacks that will help you solve some trouble you might come across when you’re traveling, from an emergency toilet gadget 🚽 to utilizing actual fidget toys! 🌈

0:33 Emergency toilet everywhere / Shower Toga & Pee Gadget
1:19 Fool the thief pouch / Diaper
2:06 Never touch anything with your hands again / Squido Pop
2:53 One-time toothpaste maker / Pop It
4:02 Portable magnifier / Keychain sunglasses
4:54 Turn the bottom into a top / Bikini bottom
5:38 Make your own sun-shield / Beach hat
6:20 Turn it into a neck pillow! / Sweater
6:57 You’ll never know when they come in handy / Fidget toys
7:34 Slipper Savior / Slap Bracelet

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