Building 1M Dollars Swimming Pool House Water Slide Park

Building 1M Dollars Swimming Pool House Water Slide Park
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Dear Value fans,

We are working as a team of three People. We would like to share you all of all our hard work building Underground Basement, Houses, Shelter for survival, and add some Entertainment Ideas such as swimming Pool for Happy Ending Video.

Thank you very much for your value time to Watch, Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe to our Channel, and we will try all our best to find more idea and produce more interesting video for survival and Entertainment purpose to live or Camping in the deep jungle.
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  1. Beautiful 🥰🏕️♥️🌹❤️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️🏊🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️🏊🏊‍♂️👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Be happy not because every thing is good , but because you can see the good side of everything .

  3. This hardwork gots 1lakh views 😭and stupid tiktoker and reels gots millions of views 😭

  4. i hate how many people watch it and sub but only some people over 2660 like it people should like the videos more that is hard work they doing

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  6. I watched this… but anyhow my mind didn't accept that everything is done in 2days… so I did this approximation..
    width of the tank is around 6m… length is around 6m … and depth is around 2m… so it's volume becomes 6*6*2= 72m³… and 1m³ contains 1000ltrs… so tank needs 72000ltrs of water… suppose one pot carries nearly 10ltrs of water then it needs 7200 pots… as there are two persons… so it can be equally divided between them i.e, 7200/2 = 3600pots …. now here , as we can see they are bringing water from some other source with their hands only… so if I consider that., to pour one pot of water they need atleast 30 seconds … so if I calculate time for 3600 pots… it becomes 3600×30 = 108000seconds…. if we convert it into hours then it's 30hrs, which is more than 1day… this is the time required only for pouring water into the tank… to build house, decorate, build pool, painting.. it is impossible to do it in 2 days 😅😂😂😂.. don't want to hurt anyone, but it will be better if you guys try to show the reality,.. 😅

  7. My wife yells at me for fucking up painting the ceiling of my small bathroom and these guys are making a mansion.

  8. I would like to see these projects in real time – it would be a very relaxing and low-key video (id love several parts) ^^

  9. математики, прикиньте +/- сколько раз должны сходить 2 человека с кувшинами около 10 литров чтоб наполнить такой бассейн водой?

  10. I remember this video from a year ago. Glad to see they're doing a part 2 by building another pool.

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