Building an Elevator to the Skybox for the Ultimate Flex! (Survival Co-op Ep. 65)

Hey everyone back with more Scrap Mechanic survival! Today Kosmo and I are building a massive elevator all the way to the skybox for ultimate bragging rights. Actually we were really curious to see how far up we really can go and figured a massive observation elevator can’t possibly be the worst idea… @Kosmonaut


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  1. If I did the math correctly, the amount of blocks used for the tower is roughly 16,512 blocks

    Proof~ish is below

    Using 0.25 speed, I counted 129 different sections of the tower. Minus the portion underwater that I couldn't see, and given that: you can only place 16 blocks high each time and that you placed 64 block (16 high x 2 wide x 2 deep) high portions twice per section, with 128 blocks per section of the tower. The math then ends up as ((16x2x2)x2) x 129 = 16,512.

    Note that the last part of the tower was not a full section (though I calculated as if it was), and I am also not accounting for the blocks underwater, so this is a rough estimate (though I could still be pretty off if I miscounted the sections).

  2. I hear that if you take the encrypter to the sky box and power it with a logic loop, it'll decrypt ALL the warehouses. ;P

  3. wow! look how bright it is! I don't know why you always complain about night time. i have one brain cell that enjoys running on its wheel.

  4. @Kan:

    It'll take about 5 Days at 300 km/h to get to space in a elevator. I quote "wikipedia"

    "At the speed of a very fast car or train of 300 km/h (190 mph) it will take about 5 days to climb to geosynchronous orbit."

  5. Crazy idea for coop survival: Randomized exploration: You make a rocket and put beacon on it. Then you and KAN get into a vehicle/vehicles and go to retrieve it wherever it landed. Considering SM flawless physics engine it should be pretty random, just dont put too much fuel into it 😉

  6. The current world's fastest elevator rises at 67 feet per second. Space is typically considered to be 330,000 feet above sea level. Assuming the space elevator only wants to just barely get to space, and ignoring acceleration and deceleration times at the beginning and end of the trip, it would take roughly 82 minutes to get to space.

    Of course, with the trip being so long, it is conceivable that a space elevator likely would accelerate to higher speeds on the way up.

    And realistically, a space elevator probably wouldn't be done with a cable and pully system like in buildings. It would most likely be much closer to what was built in this episode. A vertical mono-rail. Most likely using some sort of magnetic levitation technology to reduce friction.

  7. if anyone plays roblox rocket sim, it reminds me of the hexagon tower, bc it takes like 20 min to fully climb

  8. Other youtubers: massive editing, epic music, insane mechanics
    kAN: du du dudu du du dudududu

    top tier entertainment

  9. A space elevator probably wouldn't be anchored on both a Space Station and Earth, most likely it would be suspended by a thick steel cable, and use weaker thrusters to reach space and clear the majority of the Atmosphere

  10. you are basically flexing on me just by playing scrap mechanic because there is no way my computer can handle scrap mechanic

  11. Now I'm just wondering: if you take it to the top and jump off, what episode will we be at when it has slid all the way to the bottom

  12. Space elevator is possible instead of wire inside and make 4 corners super charge the platform to electrically magnetize it and make it like a bullet train.

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