Building Roman House Primitive | Survival With Manual Construction Skills Roman (Part4)

Primitive Skills: Building house antique Egypt by primitive technology Minecraft in rainforest #4
We started finishing the foundation for this particular roman house. In the previous video we completed the bone structure for the house foundation. In ancient Rome there was no iron in construction. Therefore we use bamboo instead of iron. Bamboo is a material with great scissors equivalent to today’s iron. In this video we pour roman concrete for the foundation of the house. Roman concrete consists of sand, stone, lime and water. In the previous video we have done the process of liming from limestone. We take sand from the stream. In the next video we continue to work on finishing the roman house.


  1. На случай плохой обстановки в стране я знаю где куча теперь халявного жилья. Они скоро вторую столицу в лесу отстроят

  2. very interesting project , i have not seen any ancient roman house on the original canals with bamboo foundation construction . thanks

  3. как можно так строить,вопреки всем технологическим процессам,бред полный

  4. Has anyone else wondered how much rainforest these two have cut down just for your like? I'm not much of a tree hugger but I mean they do work for something they enjoy for a day and destroy alot of habitat. Not to mention making that roman concrete cement shit is super fucking bad for you. They're pretty damn ignorant.

  5. Nice! Can't wait to see it finished. I would have made it bigger (like 2 or 3 rooms like these) given time/resources needed for such big constructions you generally do only once

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