Building The Largest Beacon in Survival Minecraft

Today We Make The Largest Beacon Out of Emerald Blocks in Full Survival Minecraft. This involves building a Raid Farm, buying a new server, 150 000 Emerald blocks and it took over 15 hours to complete the huge beacon in our survival series! And the end result is just amazing!

Raid Farm Design by Cowking:

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Music from Epidemicsound:
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Hallman – Tired of Waiting
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  1. Next, you guys need to make a SOLID beacon, 384 layers tall i.e. all the way from 1.18 world bottom to world height!!!

    It will require 684,798,336 emeralds. If you can leave your 200k/hr farm running continuously, you should be able to get them in a mere ~142 days 16 hours. If you can get Toadbob to help you craft them all into blocks again, and maintain the same pace as before, then you should be able to craft them into the 76,088,704 needed blocks in just ~24 days 17 hours. Last but not least, if you can place them all into a pyramid, again at the same pace, you should be able to do it in just ~105 days 20 hours.

    Altogether it will take you ~273 days 5 hours. If you start right now, and play 8 hours of Minecraft every day until you guys finish, you should be done by late April 2024.


  2. How far will this beacon give effect to us like 100 block,1000block how much please reply I too am planning to Build one giant beacon

  3. Me: finally after all this years i finally finished the biggest emerald pyramid beacon ever!

    Villager: Really?! ill give you dirt for this big emerald pyramid beacon!

    Me: bruh wotdefok

  4. 150,000 × 9 = 13,50,000 😱 he used 13 lakh 50 thousand emralds to make this beacon hats off for work ❤️🔥

  5. Bruh, you say you're wasting time? I would've gone all the way and had filled it from bedrock to sky limit. But really though, amazing video

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