Building The Most Beautiful Survival House Villa By Primitive Skills

Building The Most Beautiful Survival House Villa By Primitive Skills

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  1. They are naturally talented in building beautiful houses with their bare hands.. They are born architects without any formal education..
    They are hardworking and have a very good energy.

  2. they are cheating in the making of roof tiles…howcome the tiles look similar without any flaws…it seems the tiles are from the factory

  3. Imaginem, um oriental já é baixo, imagine nós entrando em um lugar desses, tenho 1,75 mts…

  4. Perceberam que não travam nenhum nó? não me sentiria seguro numa casa dessas, foi feita só pra mostrar…

  5. Особенно мне понравилось наебалово с черепицей, когда из кривых форм после непродолжительного обжига достают идеально ровную черепицу заводского изготовления, причем со всеми причиндалами для укладки, но и то эти 2 долбоеба не смогли ее правильно уложить!

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