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Most of the time when you think of a survival rifle or a survival firearm, you’re going to think of a couple of calibers–a 12 gauge shotgun or a 22 long rifle.

Jason starts the episode by sharing how he built his H&R single shot 12 gauge to become more impervious to elements. A firearm that’s great for hunting and he guarantees will get you small game (especially with squirrels and other “arboreal” type creatures).

Shorter barrel — By hacking the barrel off and putting in a new bead sight on it, he shortened it significantly. it now has a 22-inch barrel as opposed to the 28 it originally had.
Sling — He also placed a one-inch piece of webbing to act as a sling.
Added aftermarket synthetic stock

But there is a flaw to the shotgun when it comes to survival use. That’s a two and three-quarter-inch 12 gauge round case vs. a 22 long rifle. The size, the bulk, and the weight are all tremendously different. You can carry more 22 long rifles than you can with a 12 gauge.

A 22 can take care of just about anything–from large game like deer to smaller ones like squirrels.

Also when it comes to survival firearms, having a manual transmission is preferred. A lever, bolt, and break-action, single-shot, or whatever it is you can force even when it gets dirty.

While Ruger 10 22s are great, they jam up a little bit and become more like a single-shot when they get dirty. In a real survival scenario, your guns will not be as well maintained as you hope they would be. So having a manual transmission is a great backup option.

Tune in to learn more about survival rifle builds as Jason takes his focus on his Henry Lever Action.

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