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How to build bushcraft tiny house easy. Winter wild camping, bushcraft shelter, diy, asmr, survival skills. Me and my dog are having a great time build this Shelter in the Forest.

My videos cover Bushcraft, camping, fishing, shelter, off grid, log cabin, primitive technology, wilderness survival and outdoor skills, bushcraft gear like axes, knives, saws, backpacks, clothing systems, shelters and cooking gear.

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  1. So this guy is a beekeeper in Kurdistan. I was wondering, "where is this?" Where can you go and just cut down trees and build shelters all over the place? In the US, this would have to be on private land. On public land, it's leave no trace, unless you have a mining claim or the like.

  2. Well if anyone that thinks the rain will get in ? It's not the rain season theres snow. And the hill is clear of snow. Just saying he knows what he is doing.

  3. By the looks of it, he needs two dogs hah. Dog's playing fetch when he's clearing a site. He seems like a good boy though.

  4. Shelter looks great. Only one issue I see. With the back sloped roof, rain will end up collecting at the back of the roof and either spilling over into the home or collecting and causing foundational issues with the wood holding the roof due to the saturation of the soil.

  5. What is the advantage of building shelter wall against the dirt as opposed to building a teepee like shelter covered with dirt. Also, won't it be warmer if you laid down some thick dried leaves before you laid down the log flooring? Nice Vid!!!

  6. I was watching this as an asmr but i actually watched and this is real impressive keep up the good work man!!

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