Camping In Emergency Survival Bivvy Sack

Gear I use available on Amazon –
Camera gear I use –

I’m taking a break from stealth camping with a normal camping video this week as I gear up to film a bunch more before I return home. I camped for the night in a S.O.L emergency bivy link here: (These are just the Canadian links, not sure how to find the US or international links but I will learn how to find that! I don’t have an affiliate program yet just sharing the links for some guidance on where to find this stuff!

I also used the folding coleman camping oven for the meal which can be found here:

Pull Start fire is here:


  1. Hey everyone! I will be scouting some locations starting this evening and will have questionable cell reception. I will try to answer questions and reply to some comments as I’m able. Happy Thursday everyone!

  2. Been watching your videos for a while now and it’s made me go camping more…not in a drainage ditch or in a roundabout like you but I’m glad you do so I don’t keep up the good work #HunkerDownNation

  3. From TX; I really want to take a trip to Canada this year. You have the best scenery year round. Also the weather; mostly hot here. If I could relocate up there for HVAC Controls job I would.

  4. Watch out Steve. Using that oven on a cartridge stove can be dangerous. If the oven base covers the area of the stove where the gas can is, the heat can be reflected back down at the can, causing the gas can to heat up and explode! Safer using a stove where the gas can is separate from the burner and connected with a hose.

  5. We watch because we like to be “just camping” anyway we can with Steve!! Love your videos, you have a great sense of humor! Beautiful park by the way!!

  6. no Prob Steve, i watch your videos while painting Tabletop Miniatures and i do this cause its always interesting and relaxing listening to your voice, the laughter with crazy neighbor and the information transferred.

  7. Isn't anyone else going to address the werewolf in the background? I watched "An American Werewolf in London" and know that distortive howl!

  8. Have not done any serious wilderness camping but I've always thought that I could call Hulu in advance they could stop by 7-Eleven and pick up a banquet dinner and microwave and bring it to me another alternative is giving someone your general location and maybe they can use a drone drop some cans of chili down for you.

  9. Which video was the tent fire? Lol I wanna go watch it(thankfully nothing too serious happened)

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