Catch and Cook With a Grim Survival Card – Day 2 of 7 Day Island Survival Challenge Maine

I thought I would challenge myself by only catching what I can today with a Grim Workshop Survival card. My goal is to catch and cook some fish tacos.

After a few smaller Island Survival Challenges earlier this year, I finally found the perfect Island for a 7-day island survival Challenge. Plenty of trees for building an awesome survival bushcraft camp and a beautiful lake full of fish. My goal is to catch and cook something different every day and Build an awesome bushcraft camp to have my adventure at.

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  1. "Nothing complicated"
    Proceeds to build a hut
    This is only a joke if some of you will write in the replies "bUt He DiDnT bUiLd A hUt" then you have no sense of humor

  2. 65°!!! HAHAHA. I used to think it was hot when I lived in Maine but when the muggy season hits in the Carolinas….its no joke.

  3. That eel lure is something else! 😀 noce work hehe! I gotta taste some of these tacos!
    The chest can be found at 4:19 and wilson at 8:13

    Cant wait for another 39 days!

  4. The family is watching another today found the Chest and Wilson! Got those screen shots time stamps are 4:19 and 8:12. This is the second go around and it's just as awesome, especially those Mango tacos!!!!

  5. And now I just found Wilson at 8:14 :0) …. So Wilson at 8:14 and like I previously commented The Treasure Chest is at 4:20. I can't believe how quickly I found them the second time around lolll

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