Collect Pee Pupae For Food, Survival Instinct, Wilderness Alone, survival, Episode 146

Found Food In The Tree Hole, Survival Instinct, Wilderness Alone, Episode 146
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  1. Sống gì mà mấy tháng trời không ăn một hạt gạo, không có cái thùng, không có cái xô, cũng không thấy tăm rửa gì hết, giường ngủ cũng không có mùng mền chăn gối, sống như vậy cũng sống được sao?

  2. Pigs love water and mud, I notice that u put floor at the bottom of the pen, from what I know about pugs they love to dig with their snout, if that's the name or their mouth…😄😄😄

  3. Hello Zon, why do u have to search for food don't u eat the food that u plant, then look for while fruits are u not close to a river or stream to get fish , am just asking, I don't know much about living in the wild, been to the wild but not to live, when I was younger myself and my cousins used to go fetched wood to use in our cooking…..

  4. เป็นกูฆ่าตัวใหญ่กินเลี้ยงตัวเล็กใว้พอ55

  5. The exciting adventures of vlig were very entertaining and inspiring how to survive foraging the forest and getting honey but great not getting bitten the bee

  6. Querido ZON te saludo con aprecio y también al flojo de Tony ya no te cortes el pelo te queda bien el pelo largo .

  7. Bonjour j'apprécie beaucoup vos vidéos qui font rêver mais serait-il possible de mieux détailler le mode d,'emploi de quelques pièges simples et nous montrer comment les fabriquer et les mettre en place

  8. Suggestions: you’re getting sick often because you’re using that same pot to cook you and the animals food and even if washed it often, some viruses 🦠 and bacteria’s does live or like heat even though you boiling it … hand/fingernails washing very often is good also those wild pigs as you know have tons of bacteria you cannot see with your naked eyes 👀 (round worms 🪱 live into their intestinal tracts. If you can kindly get separate utensils 🥄 🍴 pots etc… you will be sick often friend. Don’t leave the forest but moving on from that shady areas might be better. You have done ✅ an amazing jobs on your survival challenges. Tony and yourself needs more protein importantly. Thanks 🙏 🇨🇦

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