DID I MAKE A MISTAKE? GRASS AND HARVEST | Survival Challenge | Farming Simulator 22 – EP 22

Welcome back to a BRAND NEW SERIES of Survival Challenge for Farming Simulator 22

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Kramer KL 200

Isaria Drill

PLN Plows

Lemken D24

Alien Jim’s Packages

John Deere 1630

John Deere 6300

Classic 2 Row Planter

Small PH Sugar Beet Harvester

3M Lizard Fertilizer Spreader


John Deere 250 Sprayer

Gallignani 9250 SL Baler

6VS 6U Windrower



FiatAgri 180 90

Music by Epidemic Sound


  1. I think you need to do a PIP view in videos. So we can see the farmer himself! And see his reaction when mistakes or crashes happen

  2. No hate absoloutly, "we are saving up for new land very slowly". (continues to buy more machinery.)

  3. I think you should use the 9m working-width plow. I dont feel like it makes the game "easier," so much as it just speeds up the tedium at certain points, which would help with the time-lapse problem you proposed earlier in the video. Plus, the plow would require a larger tractor, so you'd still have to work up to it. Its not just being handed to you. I think it's a good buy.

  4. Really love the soundtrack in this episode. May e because I watched late at night and was really relaxing. Especially the second harvesting time-lapse tune

  5. I hope the next farming sim actually adds shelf-life/storage conditions for harvested crops, atm you seem to be able to cheese it by storing things for a year

  6. Should have bought fiat agri with front 3 point linkage then you could have put a big weight on front

  7. If that Gallignani baler is converted from the FS19 one that might be the issue with the bales. I've had issues with the game locking up after using that same baler back then. Removed it and it was all good.

  8. might seem odd, but you can also add a front end loader, then carry 1t of goods etc to counter weight the plow as well.

  9. Love the timelapses, get to see the work being done without the slow monotony. If an episode was endless timelapses with sporadic intervals of Daggerwin humour I would still be happy to watch.

  10. love these early vids when the machinery is tiny and takes so long to do the work. starting a couple farms like this on console, they just never seem to get going. maybe i push upgrades too fast. either way live these vids can't wait for your roleplays to start.

  11. It’d be nice if Giants designed the used machinery section with play styles. Like for example of this series, the playing from nothing style. This would allow for much cheaper things to show up in the store and have higher priced items sprinkled in. But to make it fair, the machinery would be much more used. Also for game styles like this it would be good if this setting could be adjusted mid-game as you advance.

    It would also be cool if the game could sense you financial position and adjust what shows up used.

  12. There is a mod that will let you buy a 3 point for the front for tractors that don’t have it. And it’s like 600 I think. Was not too expensive

  13. The thing with time-lapses is that they can be fun to watch, but they DO take up time in the episode. Jump-cuts, on the other hand, allow you to fit more progress into an episode. Though, if you were going to switch to jump-cuts, you'd need to play longer sessions to get enough content to maintain episode length. ::shrug:: it's kind of a faff either way..

  14. I have a mod, in the default DLC MOD IN GAME. Lizard front linkage. It's in Miscellaneous…. and cost 2500. Allows to add front linkage so you can add front weight or anything to front of the tractor.

  15. There is a 3 point linkage attachment on official modhub under miscellaneous that bolts onto the frame of the tractor. I think there's even a MF one

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