Doctor Reacts To Questionable Bear Grylls Survival Tips

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I love Bear Grylls in Man vs. Wild… as entertainment. How accurate is his information when it comes to medicine and health though? I decided to look back at some of Bear’s more jarring moments over the years and see whether he is spreading useful tips or misinformation. We took a look at a ton of “interesting” stuff today, such as Bear drinking urine, drinking liquids from all sorts of animals, natural sunscreen, bee stings, anaphylactic shock, eating bugs, swimming in a frozen lake, eating placenta with Shaq, fighting jellyfish with Mel B from Spice Girls, and so much more. Let me know if there are any Bear moments I missed you’d like me to react to in the future!

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  1. Haha didn’t know you like honey. I have three hives that make amazing honey. They are bread to be gentle. It is kind of funny to see how curious the bees are when you plant new flowers/plants

  2. Rocky Mountain oysters(test)are a thing in America they cook them before eating like why does he keep eating those test raw I don’t get it

  3. That show must have been horrible and giving people harmful advice about food. I don’t know how that man can have “fans.”

  4. bro he is telling ways to survive. sometimes we do not have even mudy water at some places. so we have to adjust with something but not too discusting

  5. I searched up what Camel Rumen actually is and spoiler alert its not water
    It is an enlarged anaerobic fermentation chamber which houses a complex microbial community consisting of bacteria, archaea, protozoa and fungi. Thank you Google for your services.

  6. survival tip from me 101:make a spear from a stick sharp with rock and go ocean and hit the ocean floor till you get fish and make a fire with flint and steel cook for 40 min do this till it finsih cook take basket put ocean water let it drain and salt take and put in fish done cooked fish

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