Dollar General Island Survival Challenge

Can you buy what you need at the Dollar General to survive on an island? They don’t sell fishing gear at the Dollar General so I thought doing a survival Challenge with just stuff I buy at the Dollar General would be a special twist to this island survival challenge. How will I catch and cook and survive the night without proper survival gear?

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Slingshots, Survival Gear and Custom Fowler Merch!!!!

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  1. Buddy I could do it with $10 for 10 days… $100 is easy but the trash bags are a very solid move

  2. I saw tinfoil and cling plastic wrap. You can build a watertight super comfy shelter with plastic wrap.

  3. You can't even get the store right and then you cop out on $0.77 is that what it cost you the trim your beard that way biggest TOOL I've ever seen in my life 🙊🙉🙈

  4. These are the kind of people that shouldn't make videos did he really call a clam a zebra mussel

  5. He said it best at 23 minutes 42 seconds he finally said something that made sense and then after that I stopped watching

  6. I Freaking love your stuff ! You have encouraged me to get back into backpacking and camping thanks for the content keep it up

  7. If he couldn't even get the name of the store right WHILE LOOKING RIGHT AT THE SIGN then I have a feeling I don't need to waste 50 min on this video

  8. How come people don't use the water bottle as a bobber and cast that out with the hook? Just have a string tied to the bottle too

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