Every New Creature in the Lost Island DLC – ARK Survival Evolved

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Every New Creature in the Lost Island DLC – ARK Survival Evolved W/ SYNTAC
#ARK #ARKLostIsland #ARKEveryCreature


  1. Knowing your kind, i can only dislike at the begining of video beceause you ark guys usually talk for nothing for 5-10minuts before saying something of substance. But you've done it right, thank you

  2. I'm like taming every single freaking dino that is like bright green or orange or red. Really cool looking dinos on this map. Only 1.5 hours into it. Stopped playing Ark when FH5 and Far Cry 6 came out, but had to revisit it to check out the new map. Pretty impressed so at

  3. i need help there was a wierd creature in my ark world it had a humans body and a small trex raptor head i dont know what to do

  4. Actually scream doesn’t just scare small creatures it does damage to them say for example a bunch of ants Aggro to you it can use its scream and kill them all
    The only reason I didn’t kill the vulture was because the vulture had more health but It was damaged enough to run away

  5. I got a snow owl, but how in the world do I make a saddle on this map??? Everything I read says level 61 but thats for the beaver……need help please

  6. I just started playing the Lost island and in thanks to my curse theirs yet again a rex not 100 ft from my base which is the beach the easy area because if I spawned any where else my curse would make it worse

  7. I was a die hard ARK player for years straight took a break ,think ill play again this looks interesting

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