Exclusive Scenes Show The Story Behind Cody Leaving The Series | Dual Survival

Cody left the show after the end of the 4th season but what really happened between him and Joe to make this happen? Watch extended scenes of the crucial moments that left Cody & Joe’s relationship hanging in the balance.

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  1. Joe definitely seemed like the blow hard of the show, however there is two sides to all stories. This one clearly shows that Cody was a bit of a drama queen on the side. Which is hard for anyone to put up with.

  2. Ok I know Cody is very good at desert survival but his conduct in the polar episodes was unacceptable. He was wearing shorts in subzero conditions and acted like it was a good idea. If you look at any Arctic culture they all fully cover their bodies bc lack of body coverage will lead to death. Cody does not teach winter survival or live in a polar climate. Also sometimes he would get extremely petty and childish. Joe was annoying but I think he was playing a “solider” character, just like how Cody was playing a different character. Cody picking a problem with joes sunglasses or throwing a lighter into water or many other things speak to a petty person. I know joe was an asshole but I’m more frustrated at Cody for pretending to be a survival expert in every climate when he’s not. Cody fan boys don’t@ me I’m just frustrated like people pretend he did no wrong.

  3. My wife and I stopped watching the show because of Joe teti. He's a horrible human being with zero respect for wild life. Should of left cody to have the show by himself.

  4. Cody was a must see, different cat. Joe was a Nick Bosa clone, and Matt, a young Charleton Heston look a like.🤗

  5. I kind of feel bad for Joe. I don't think he's a bad guy , i honestly feel like he has severe and untreated ptsd. he seems to go from calm and normal to hyper aware and aggressive at the drop of a hat. I hope he gets help.

  6. Joe and Cody legit out here looking like BroForce characters; Broe & BrofootBrody, the latter’s got shoulder cannons!

  7. Joe only cared about ratings…..typical “I’m better than you because I don’t wear shorts” tough guy.

  8. Joe: "idk and nobody knows exactly what happend…"
    Stfu Joe we all know your constant "come on just throw it" irritated Cody.

  9. I would've ripped Cody to shreds for wearing shorts in winter too, Joe was in his right to get mad at his partner about that.

  10. this is so stupid he tried to kill a cobra with a primal made spear. no wonder cody left the show joe kept putting stuff in danger cuz he wanted his way.

  11. Definitely personality differences. Cody is a hippy esque dude and Joe is your stereotype military mindset (turn it off and get over yourself). Cold breaks people.

  12. 1:47 : only resources a hunting spear a gourd full of water a lighter wrapped in a bandanna and a full filming crew around them😂😂

  13. I'd say Cody has had too many bad mushrooms over the years. That's the price you pay when you hire a hippy.

  14. tbh this is what makes the show for me personally joe with cody 2 seperate way of tackle thing tbh it rlly make the show lives up to it name dual survival but instead of solving thing out instead they choose to left which is kind of a bummer tbh

  15. i would choose Cody over anyone else on the series to be with in this situation, he likes to be careful and more sure of an outcome. i cant imagine him getting agitated this bad if the situation was real and just the two of them no crew

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