Extended highlights from our Premier League match against Brentford in the 2021/22 Premier League.

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  1. Ya can clearly see, that passion is genuine, from all concerned……Aye, ya man has f/off south, like, but at that moment in time…… Football is a weird "construct", when you think about it !

  2. Appreciate these emotions. No fan of these teams but all football fans live for these moments. If you don't then stay home. And tomorrow is a new day.

  3. Again. The same mistakes. They should schedule games with top teams.
    Train game pattern at a high level.
    Celtic, Redbull Salzburg, Mexicans Teams, Argentina Teams, Valladolid, Valencia etc.

  4. Leeds citizen and die hard Leeds fan, but I can’t stand that commentators voice get him out, sounds like a southern fairy

  5. Watched this again for god knows how many times, and still tear up… this meant everything to stay up after that season. Ups and downs, but that day we were staying up. If you’re having a s**t day just watch this! Get in Leeds MOT 💪

  6. That commentator is an absolute fruitcake.. small time Leeds struggling against 9 men and needed to be saved by Newcastle.

  7. Amazing.. Absolutely f*in amazing!!.. I'm an Everton fan but always loved those Leeds legends of the early seventies, growing up as I did during those times with an older best mate who was Leeds thru and thru!!.. We were actually in contact by FB messenger for the first time in a while while this match was playing out.. I actually just wanted to wish him and Leeds all the very best now that Everton had pulled off our own 'great escape'.. and ended up celebrating with him!!.. Football.. An incredible, amazing game, yeah?? 💙

  8. Went negative and handed them the initiative and they score. Thank god for Canos or we'd be down

  9. Rafa holding that young lad at the end tells the whole story!!! We are FAMILY 💪🇨🇮❤️

  10. Brilliant fans. Absolutely loved my time when I lived in Leeds. Class place, class people. Back in Plymouth now for my sins

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