Gameplay on Bloody server | Last Island of Survival

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Device: IPad Pro 11 (2021)
Edit in: LumaFusion

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  1. Brother last island of survival very crash 🤢 and very heating problem but my phone is 256GB 8GB RAM vivo X80 Pro 🥲 I have this mobile just to play this game BDT 80,000 The money is gone 😭

  2. I think this game should be removed from the Android and iOS store. What is this online game that people use hacks?

  3. Ура! Ты подтянул пвп, а то когда ты играл с "пад мини 5" Пвп было худое очень

  4. The two OB HACKERS are so annoying even if i raise my base to a persons height they still manage to reach my cabin room

  5. The game does not want to delete the hacks because it benefits from it more than the normal players. game having s.ex with us

  6. Привет, почему меня крашит каждые 20 минут на айпаде мини 5?

  7. bro put woodspike then Cheater cant 2ob
    they will get spike damage and die
    and double door Cheater can through

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