Giant Rock Crab Catch n Cook Solo Survival Mudcrab Feast

Solo survival catch n cook of Mudcrab. Exploring a remote beach near a mangrove system and found a giant crab and cooking it on the beach, another amazing experience here in tropical paradise. More to come from Survival Beast so hang tight bros!


  1. yo how are you not hesitant of venomous jellyfish and just go hunt on random remote offshores? i'm a curious city guy who know a few people who died because of jellyfish.
    is it based on shore areas or just luck?
    great vids btw

  2. Living the life of an islander. Feels pretty awesome bro👌🤙👍😎🇬🇺 If I'm not mistaken that could be a blue crab but never seen them that Hugh. By the way bro stay Safe getting ready for round two COVID-19 Delta variant spreading….

  3. hey tip for food grad a rock and knock the animal or whatever on the head not hard and it will knock it out so you can cook it whithout killing it

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