How to Survive a Haunted House

Yes, we know there’s no scientific proof of ghosts, but there are countless reports of hauntings all over the world. According to a 2019 YouGov poll, 45% of Americans believe that ghosts “definitely” or “probably” exist. And the other 55% have obviously never stayed in a haunted house. People in a haunted house may see visual signs including “full-bodied apparitions,” or items that have moved without anyone touching them. So if you walk into the living room and find every thing rearranged, maybe it’s time to call the Ghostbusters. Or someone else. When should you call a medium? What should you do to the mirrors? And how could your spice rack save your home?

00:00 Intro
03:13 Step 1: Go big or Go medium
03:53 Step 2: Don’t clown around
04:27 Step 3: Cover the mirrors
04:45 Step 4: Stay with others
05:10 Step 5: Wear sensible shoes

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  2. Americans and Britain people are funny. They call other countries medieval if it's people believe such things but most haunted house stories are from U. S.

  3. !Funny Story!

    So me and my dad are staying in the Olde Harbour Inn (Savannah Georgia) AKA most haunted city in the USA. And I was looking up more pictures of it on YouTube underneath the video I see a thumbnail that says "five most haunted hotels in America" me over here like I thought that we are riding in a hearse was the scary part welp.

  4. Girl YES!! you’re invited to the haunted house tonight 😍 , dont be late and don’t forget to bring your family 🥰

  5. As someone who can feel weird things for real (and has a Witch friend who can foreshadow the future very literally in a scary way xd) I can absolutely said that this is a 100% accurate. (Now for real, this things appear in a much more subtle way, like emotions or thoughts, rarely and very unlikely like media portray ghost… Though my friend can see things hmm I can't, so idk)

    Edit: I forgot the actual advice shit. Oh wait I have none, nvm, good luck I guess

  6. I grew up in a haunted house. It's still in the family to this day and yes still actively haunted. I gotta tell you all those steps you named won't help…

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