How to Survive the Top 5 Most Deadly Viruses

You come down with a tickle in your throat. It’s not COVID-19, and it’s certainly not just a seasonal strain of influenza. Could it be one of these five deadly viruses?

Some of these infectious diseases have been around for thousands of years, wiping out millions of people around the world. These viruses could come from chimpanzees, bats or even your household dog.

Which disease could you contract from your pet? How could you fall critically ill while hunting? Which wild animals could infect you with these sickening viruses?

00:00 How viruses enter your body
01:06 #5 HIV
02:06 #4 Smallpox
03:01 #3 Marburg
04:04 #2 Ebola
05:06 #1 Rabies

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