I Built a Fairy Village in Minecraft 1.18 – Survival Let's Play

Building a village garden for the Minecraft bees! The grove will be a fairytale theme, with fun themed builds all around serving different functions. I can’t wait to build it all!

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Recorded with OBS
Minecraft version 1.18.1


  1. Hi gem!! First thing I thought of when we saw the grove for the first time was Casita hidden and protected in the mountains of Encanto. Idk if you’ve seen the movie yet, but if you did and liked it- it would be awesome if u built a little Casita in the grove!! Love ur vids— can’t wait for more!

  2. I got like 6 beehives on my world because I planted some saplings near the house I was building in a meadow! Also Gem I love your garden it’s beautiful!!

  3. "Other Fairy tails around the garden"

    Please please *PLEASE* make 3 houses, one of straw, one of wood, and one of brick, and place a pig in each with a wolf nearby. I think that would be amazing!

  4. I don't know how late I am to your 1 million bc I haven't been here since 1.16 playthrough, congrats either way though! (I made some fan art for you on Deviant art "underlordmangler" btw)

  5. Watching Gem is so good for my little ADHD brain
    She doesn’t just focus on one task and she doesn’t zip around and constantly switch up what she’s doing either it’s just so calming

    I’m definitely a bit too old to be watching this but it’s such a good wind down after a long day

  6. So you know dandy’s tower I think you should use rainbow wool (red,orange,yellow,green,blue,purple,magenta,pink) wool

  7. I think dandy is gonna be one happy pink sheep now that he has a castle and gets to chill with the bees.

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