I Collected Every Block In Survival Minecraft

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Today We Collected Every Single Block in Our Survival Minecraft World. Over a 1000 different blocks were collected manually and then we built a huge museum to showcase them! This took over 40 hours in game!

All Blocks Museum World Download is for channel members only.

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  1. Atlast i found one thing missing the enchanted ones . its not a problem actually ❀️

  2. I respect these guys for taking the time to actually do this, big respects for you man πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Did you add the ruby? I see you guys have the chain armor set so why not attempt to get the ruby?

  4. You forgot the different colored leather armor, this is still really good I think I can speak for most of us and say would never be able to plan let alone start a project like this!!!

  5. For Someone that plays on Minecraft bedrock and therefore has no iron farm the amount of iron blocks used in this build is scary like just singing manually farming all of that

  6. I really like this huge build
    But i have one question…
    Where is the turtle shell (helmet)
    I may be worng
    it may be unobtaineble but i thought it was…

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