I found a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft 1.18 – Survival Let's Play #6

GeminiTay accidentally finds a woodland mansion in 1.18 minecraft survival. This world has a lot to offer, and this exploration episode shows it off wonderfully.

World seed: Geminitayisgood

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Recorded with OBS
Minecraft version 1.18.1


  1. Gem ima be real honest.
    When u showed Lucy your sword I thought you where going to hit her. 😆 that scared me so bad 😂

  2. Gem! I was exploring near the woodland mansion and there are 2 azalea trees leading to a giant lush cave at -3902, -16, -2189. The cave generation is awesome and the lush cave is GIANT. There's a huge pool of lava nearby and lots of room. It's gorgeous, you should check it out!

  3. The big wool head thing has a lapis block inside it not the one near the stairs but the one in the room.

  4. Sometimes people don't care about the Lush Caves Spore blossoms…..But GeminiTay Does!
    And I also…for decoration….

  5. Until I saw this episode I never considered that they unintentionally made woodland mansions easier with the lighting change

  6. Hi Gem, just saying when you saw the striders there was a baby strider on an adult strider and that is actually a 1 in 10 chance! You have really good luck!

  7. It’s crazy that on one trip she came across a warm ocean, multiple shipwrecks, some ruins, a WOODLAND MANSION, an azalea tree, and an ocean monument.

    And the woodland mansion, a shipwreck and azalea tree were all in the same spot

  8. The new generation is… weird. I think I travelled 11,000 blocks before finding SPRUCE. I found a huge chain of mushroom islands and three ocean monuments LONG before finding a common tree 😭

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