I Have 100 Days To Hunt Down Veno In Ark: Survival Evolved.. This Is What Happened

I Have 100 Days To Hunt Down Veno In Ark: Survival Evolved.. This Is What Happened



@Veno POV ➜➜

Special Guest➜ @Raasclark



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00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:41 – day 1-10
00:12:33 – day 11-20
00:18:46 – day 21-30
00:24:08 – day 31-40
00:35:40 – day 41-50
00:42:31 – day 51-60
00:47:24 – day 61-70
00:53:57 – day 71-80
01:03:26 – day 81-90
01:11:44- day 91-100

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  1. If you do another 100 hunted. Rule vote for no suicide last ten days. You put so much work into hunting him down and getting to a place where you can catch him. Only for him to kill himself repeatably to win. Watching that ruined the fun I was having to see you catch him.

  2. I would love to see you do this on Abbaration or Extinction but for extinction you guys have all tekgrams.

  3. On day 24, on the bottom left of the screen when he’s on his Argie, YOU CAN SEE A FREAKING TITAN

  4. I'd love to do this but there's a horrendous red ring tether to host on privately hosted servers

  5. The raptor is on agression mode passive flee so when he gets attacked he runs so you need to switch there agression

  6. Tip for trapping Argys do it by foot is easier for me but that’s also including I only playing on Official with my 108 character might be worth trying it to save time but also might be harder for a lv 60 than a level 108 character because I do actually get hit a few times to trap it

  7. I know this is four weeks old but my guy I hopped you learn that collecting pelts and hide you use an axe not a pickaxe

  8. I have a problem with jumping off my mount midair. lol I do it waaayyy more than any regular player should.

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