I Played 100 Days On Genesis… Here's What Happened | ARK Survival Evolved

Watch me play over 100 hours of ARK Survival Evolved on the Genesis map!
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Difficulty 1.0
Taming 2.0
Harvesting 3.0
Health Recover 1.0
Mating 0.1
Hatching 15.0
Mature 5.0
Experience 1.0
Supply Crates 3.5
Baby Cuddle 0.15
Dino Damage Per Level 0.23

All music and sound effects rightfully used from epidemicsound.com
with a subscription so check them out!

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  1. you know i never much cared for anything a after aberration it just got too odd i mean aberrations odd too but its a beautiful odd every other map after is just re hashes of the same biomes like i would have like too seen a all winter map with winter exclusive dinos

  2. Day 42, The fact that you didn't get any mutations sucks, that's a lotta rexs, I started breeding on the island and first try, twin females with a speed mutation that went from 100% to 157%

  3. Hey syzen if you ever get a mutated giga or just an imprinted on a 100 days video name it giga chad

  4. I normally don't like 100 days ark videos but your 100 days videos are built different cause I just LOVE watching then

  5. DON'T use battle tartare or the brown soup in boss fights these disable the offects of medical brew.

  6. Kind of disappointed to see they really haven't fixed bugs or minor issues at all since I stopped playing.

  7. has the bog saying its the easiest, in all honesty the ocean is the best place to start off (your free to do whatever to set up a ocean platform once you get enough stuff) the only thing that lacks is the animals on the small islands

  8. I have no idea who you are but I must admit. I won't regret staying up late during my finals for it xD

  9. Last time when I tried to play that map I survived for 176 days and I died while riding on my animal and it went crazy and I died in the most funny way

    (It glitched and went to the sky and died of fall damage and it was hardcore)

  10. I watch these to help fall asleep. It's like watching an adventure TV show mixed with an audiobook!

  11. bro fr said mayo berries
    oh yeah and before anyone gets some kind of mad at me for that (calling it now if anyone even sees this) im aware it may be some kind of language thing

  12. Bros just wish syntac XD no for real tho your pretty good compared to other youtubers doing 100 day ark good work

  13. well i just wanted to watch one video and then continue working … but how am i supposed to work with an ending like this?

    See you in part 2 xD

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