I Survived 100 Days of Hardcore ARK Scorched Earth | Survival Evolved

This is ARK: Survival Evolved

A game focused on surviving an artificial world of dinosaurs and other unholy creatures. The game is beautiful, but is brought down by constant glitches.

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Luke TheNotable:

A Similar Video:

By the way, the final painting took 5 days, so in total it was 100 days

0:00 – Intro
0:41 – Day 1
15:57 – Day 10
22:23 – Day 20
27:11 – Day 30
29:37 – Day 40
30:35 – Day 50
37:58 – Day 60
40:28 – Day 70
43:43 – Day 80
47:45 – Day 90
51:42 – Outro

Difficulty 1.0
Taming Speed 2.0
Harvesting 3.0
Health Recovery 4.0
Mating 0.2
Hatching: 15.0
Mature 5.0
Baby Cuddle 0.15
Resource Respawn 0.2
Day Speed 1.6
Resource Radius 0.5
Supply Crates: 4.5

Desert Soundtracks:
Gareth Coker:
Desert Music:
Kevin Macleod:
Arabic Background:
Middle East:
Ancient Arabian:
Epic Arabian:
Dark Desert:
Down Under:
Epic Fantasy:
Read Dead II:
Requiem 1 Verdi:
William Tell:


  1. Bro, love the vids and all the extra you put into makin' these. I'm also rather fond of your taste in music and the songs you put in this video. One i thought was super familiar was the one playin' while you were tamin the equus around 39:1539:50 but i cant quite put my finger on it's name or where it comes from. I've now made it my lifes mission to find out what it is but does anyone know. If so, please tell me.

  2. you should have tamed a higher level terror bird, they have near the stats of a carno and are the 3rd fastest creatures in the game plus they glide and they glide FAR. Anyways great vid

  3. Yo shut the fuck up the house building theme was playing don't interrupt that for painting

  4. Dude, I came here for ARK, not for actually helpful painting tips… (I am grateful for both, though.)

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