I Survived The Minecraft Void For 1 Month. (No Mods, Survival Mode)

Minecraft has many areas to explore. Each world is randomly generated. The one thing that stays the same, however, is the void. An infinitely large region that will kill you in about 10 seconds. It is also extremely useless. Nobody goes there because there is no need to. Anyways, I decided to live for a while in there.

EDDxample video:
Guide i used for the void base:

0:00 – Intro
0:37 – Part 1: The Plan
7:25 – Part 2: The Preparation
31:08 – Part 3: The Challenge

Music List:


  1. does nobody else realize that he actually cheated when he afked at the gold farm he was only on day 9 but he said he afked for 130 hours which is like 390 minecraft days and i have tested it, going to an older version on your world will not reset your days

  2. INSANE! The effort, planning, problem solving and dedication needed for this challenge is baffling 🤯. Also great production quality, editing and humour! Amazing job, amazing video!

  3. insanely ironic amount of farms
    this guy probably can make crafting table ONLY after slaying whole greek pantheon ngl

  4. Bruh do /effect give @p minecraft:regeneration 999999 255 in a command block and make a Redstone loop

  5. with shadow item tech you could do it for far longer by just teleporting golden apples into your inventory remotely

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