I Transformed a VILLAGE in Minecraft 1.18 | Survival Let's Play #8

Today GeminiTay transforms a village in the minecraft overworld! This simple village transformation allows for better access to trades for future upgrades in the world!

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Recorded with Replaymod and OBS
Minecraft version 1.18.1


  1. I love how you did the new bunk beds! It was so cute when the baby villager "approved" your bunk beds as soon as you placed them <3

  2. Maybe you can watch some woodland mansion exploring videos because you nearly looted 20% of it, and your building skills are pretty great! by the way. I was going to say that can you just transform the village as you did in your hardcore world, And don't stop the hard word best motivator and builder of all time 🙂

  3. Gem; "Thats so weird how I fed the cows now theres less of them, hmm" proceeds to eat their flesh in front of them…

  4. Oml I love u so much and this world reminds me of when u built the circular farms on the beach which made me buy mincraft,u always make the best games want able which I really love alot and u always think positive and I never seen u be mean at all!! You've really grown since the last time I watched , the most thing I hate is when I watch ur things too early then I gotta wait for the next episode which is sad I hope u grow more and show ur positive personality around the hole world I lysm keep smiling!!!

  5. It doesn’t have to be fancy makes a fancy house – “I’m so proud of that build” falls
    (I’m not bullying it’s just funny to me)

  6. Hey Gem, I know it's been a while, but if you haven't already named the village, I have some ideas!

    The first option is Gemsdale, which is obviously the best one. No but for real, I think you deserve to name the village after yourself after transforming it this well. Also, "dale" is a common suffix I've seen in farming/rural villages in fantasy novels, and in general it means a super-wide valley that appears field or meadowlike, which makes sense with your grove being nearby and the village being in a meadow biome I think. It kinda fits together to make Gem's dale!

    If you don't want to name the place after yourself for some reason, then I thought of Daisyfield after, well, the daisies in the field (also the name rolls off the tongue), or you could name it simply Cornflower. There's also a lot of cornflowers within the village walls, and the word sounds like a farming village name without the context of there being a flower named that.

    I won't delete this if continue watching and find that you already named it, but I'll still end this off here with a genuine positive comment. You're one of my new and few comfort YouTubers, because you make me feel like I just ate some milk chocolate, and I'm one of the weirdos who like milk chocolate. You're cute and energetic without annoying me (ps. I do not fault others for being annoying, it is my fault if I find some other people grating to listen to, and they're totally valid in the way they speak and they're all cool too), and just generally you're a really good person. You make me proud to be a Canadian, even if I belong to a much different province. Wish the best for you for the next two years!

  7. i love how the village turns out but what if there'd be some sort of litter shops around the village?

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