Inside a "BRAND NEW" 24 Man Military Style Bunker

Ron gives us a tour inside a brand new 24 man military style doomsday bunker. This hybrid shelter connects to modular square mud room to create one heck of cool double big boy bunker.

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  1. 1. Glad you're feeling better. Hope that continues.
    2. No, it doesn't 'feel like an internet cafe'. It looks and feels like a bunker. A NICE bunker, but a bunker nevertheless.
    3. Fair being fair, yeah, that's a lot of 'breathing room'… room you're gonna need if you wedge 12-18 people in there. I view your claim of '24 people' with a bit of skepticism. It's like saying there's 'legroom' when you're flying Coach. Sure, there's legroom, if you're 5'6" and weigh 125 lbs. But for normal sizes people… hmmm not so much.

  2. All you got to do is plug the ventilation pipes exposed above ground and the rats will run out or die.

  3. Thank you for your presentations. Well done, sir! Question: One thing that never seems to be addressed regarding bunkers is disposal of simple trash. Where does the garbage go?

  4. What do you do with the waste water for 24 people everyday? Let alone enough water for 24 people showering and drinking?

  5. 😷😢 = 💉🍵💊😓
    💐🍀Get Better Soon

  6. Glad that you are doing well. You are not done your mission my dream bunker has not been built yet haha.

  7. Eat organic food ! Glyphosate herbesite (round up) create intestine cancer. Pesticides in the food create degenerative nerve diseases.

  8. HOpefully it's built better than the floor looks, that floor has gaps all over it. Maybe its the showroom sample.

  9. Anyone wants to allow me an my family to be apart of your bunker? I know how to clean weapons, grow foods and can handle myself physically and weapon wise. Just saying cuz of what’s happening in Australia will soon happen in America. Thank you!

  10. Man… I wish I could afford this. Maybe I could afford this. 🤔 Probably could never do it it California. 😠

  11. So, in that one he showed a picture of there enough beds for about 77 men and no kitchen?
    Does he assume every meal will be nothing but MRE's?
    Eventually you would think that there will need to be some sort of cooked meals and cleaning of cookware.
    There are too few toilets and there need to be some sort of shower facilities.
    He needs to see these as if they were land based submarines and design accordingly.

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