John Hudson’s Fight for Survival (Living with a Progressive Disease While a Cure is Close)

John Hudson is diagnosed with epidermolysis bullosa and has been a beloved member of our community since he was first interviewed five years ago. His disease has quickly progressed, leading John to start palliative care. As his body feels the impact of this devastating disease, there is a real possibility that there will soon be a cure for EB. John is fighting to remain alive so he can experience a cure and be with his family for as long as possible.

Help Cure EB at


  1. Researchers are close to finding a cure for EB and you can help at . This is a fundraiser for the EB Research Partnership in John Hudson’s name. If every person who wants to help John Hudson contributes what they can, even just five bucks, it will add up to a large amount. Every dollar helps brilliant researchers and scientists get closer to a cure. I donated $2000 to get things started.

  2. What a beautiful person you are, John Hudson. You’re so smart and articulate. I find your whole family amazing too. The world could learn so much from you. Thank you for sharing your story. I can imagine how blessed your family must feel to have you in their lives.

  3. He gets through it because on them and they get through it because of him, the bond this family has is ethereal-

  4. Siempre me acuerdo de él y rezo. Dios tiene q hacer un milagro , basta de tanto sufrimiento! Saludos desde San Luis Argentina.

  5. God bless John and his family! He is very optimistic and intelligent! May God bless you and keep you!🙏🙌❤

  6. Hi John Hudson! I watched your newest video recently, and I wanted to let you know how inspiring you are. It’s incredible what you have to put up with every day, and even more incredible is your attitude. I think your example of gratitude and hope is having a positive impact in this world, and, in addition, I think it’s motivating people to support EB research. (It definitely has for me!)

    I believe that true contentment doesn’t have to be dependent on one’s circumstance, and I think you are a great example of that. I sincerely hope that there will be a cure in the next few years, and that you’ll be able to receive it someday. I will be praying for you!

  7. Palliative Care is really allowing a patient to live comfortably while providing them with the independence of decision making throughout their terminal illness! Prayers are with you 🙏🏽 ❤️

  8. Its so sad its always the most beautiful people born with the most horrible diseases. Much love to John

  9. Your far more brave than I and Your attitude is alot to be proud of…also God bless you and your parents. Enjoy the little things in life like the fresh air and knowing your surrounded by love and kindness. and your mom doing the dishes 🙂

  10. I'm shamed even thinking I have it bad sometimes in comparison. This kid is a warrior. Love you, John Hudson.

  11. I don't know where to put this but … I have an ideal that might MEDIATE his symptoms or hopefully help with a CURE. Have Doctor's or scientist look at the PSORIASIS GENE or HISTONES in that DNA OF PSORIASIS. IF THERE ABLE TO USE THIS. THIS MAY HELP WITH THE BINDING THE SKIN AS WELL AS REGENERATE SKIN CELLS FASTER. JUST A THOUGHT. JUST TRYING TO HELP.

  12. John, you are such an impressive young man. What an incredible example for the rest of us to try to live up to.

  13. He's such a wonderful intelligent strong person, I really, really hope he gets help and a proper treatment as soon as it's available!

  14. Yo Creo que Esta familia es un amor y con una Gran Fortaleza espiritual… Gracias por compartir… Mis respetos y Bendiciones…

  15. Hes been through so much already he deserves a cure, living in so much pain you constantly need pain medicine is so upsetting to see for people that dont deserve it.

  16. Handsome young man of integrity – inside and out – so rare with young American male teens these days. A gem – not because of his health issues – because of who he is

  17. Request the parents to take him to a church for the prayers for the healing. Have u heard of pastors like Benny Hinn, Andres Bisonni Ministeries, Ankur Narula…..they can heal. Pls take him to anyone of them.🙏

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  19. I love how SBSK is insanely educational on helping and providing all of us publicly with the understanding of different and unique types of Disabilities but my god is it hard to hold in emotions. Whilst watching each individual Interview and just thinking to myself "wow… they don't deserve this at all". Absolutely outstanding footage and thank you Sir for your generosity and kindness to each one of these lovely Individuals <3

  20. John Hudson, you're one strong SOB. You may be THE strongest kid I've ever seen in my entire life. You need to write a book because you speak so eloquently and wisely.


  22. Good job to your sir. You've helped more people getting home than you know. !!!!FOR!!!! !!!!GOD!!!! !!!!FORWARD!!!! !!!!!MARCH!!!! LOVE YOU BROTHER.

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