Make arrows from hedgehog feathers, shoot birds, cooking, bathing / Bushcraft & survival. Part 5

I started my jungle journey by building shelters, where I found my freedom and most comfort. Hope you enjoy the video and thank you very much for watching and thanks to everyone that has been watching and supporting my channel.
My videos cover Bushcraft, camping, fishing, shelter, off grid, log cabin, asmr, diy, primitive technology, wilderness survival and outdoor skills, bushcraft gear like axes, etc.
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  1. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍เก่งจริงๆ

  2. อาบน้ำไม่มีสบู่เลยนะ ชักผ้าก็ไม่มีปงชักฟอง ธรรมชาติดีสุดๆเลย

  3. Hi!!! Dear Mis, Nice Bush-crafter (Free Footsteps).
    It's a video that fits the definition of Bush-Craft Survival!!!.
    Only the minimume necessary items should be brought in and all necessary
    items including food should be procured locally. If you advocate survival or Bushcrafter…,
    Strict adherence to these absolute conditions is a rule.

    In the case of you, it matches this!!!.
    It's wonderful!!!. (^-^)/

  4. From all the channels who I'm subscribed with Vietnamese women's doing bushcraft and survival, this talented girl is the best of all Vietnamese channels!! Very good camera, a lot of views and sure this channel will growing and will get a million subscribers!! Congratulations to this girl!!

  5. Oi🙌🙋💕 princesa linda maravilhosa fantástica charmosa perfeita incrível 👏🏆🌟 show beijos princesa linda

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